The Speech: Thanking Special People Part 1/4

Graduating Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last May 5, 2011, I was given the privilege to deliver the Valedictory Address for our batch in AMA Cebu. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I also commend the efforts of our school admin, faculty, staff and Radisson Blu for making our graduation amazing in a lot of ways. Here is the transcript of my speech and I do hope that it will inspire you to be who God wanted you to be.
Me and my parents!
To our distinguished guests, to our school director, to our school dean, to the rest of the faculty, to our administrators, to our staff, parents, guardians, friends, family, good afternoon.

I have the best time of my life when I stepped into college.

I have met great people, done extraordinary things, and explored amazing places.

I lived life with uncertainty at every turn and took every choice to make as an opportunity whether it will bring me sorrow or joy.

For the rest of my blabbering, I will be telling you tales that led to this day, how we must face our present challenges and recognizing the very people who I owe my life to.

It was not too long ago when I first stepped into AMA.

I was younger, I was more na├»ve and definitely unaware that AMA existed here in Cebu if it wasn’t for my mom who tagged me along for enrollment.

I.T. was already in my mind as got addicted to HTML and Java in my fourth year high school and I used to want to become a game developer. I would really like to thank Mdm. Dadula because of her, I aced my programming subjects since they came so easy to me.

My decision to take up I.T. conflicted with my other interests such as Physics, Architecture, Political Science and English to name a few.

I was supposed to live the rest of my college life as a loner. I wanted to look like the typical guy in the movies but nah, that is sooo not me. I then got close to this group of gorgeous, talented and smart people as the days go by and we soon called ourselves AMA Angels. Could anything be more egotistical than that?

Thank you so much guys for the great memories and I just wish the rest of the gang was here.
The AMA Angels would also like to thank Sir Palatao.

Lorbe and I are also thanking him, Ma’am V and Sir Joey for awarding us the academic scholarships. You have no idea how it meant for us.

I’d like to thank Sir Polibert for all the prizes that I won from his contests. From the movie tickets at the Speech competition to the 50 pesos for acing a quiz, he has gotta be one of the most dynamic professors we’ve had.

Who wouldn’t forget our first IT project under Ms Veda? I was partnering up with Ate Z for our online financial calculators and we called the application as Quarta, spelled fashionably with Q.

It became our springboard to prepare us for the fourth year’s I.T. Capstone Project and we teamed up again and this time with Rhecel and Andrew for a much bigger endeavor.

We presented an IT planning product concept titled Transparent Handheld Computing Device with Smart Visual Recognition.

Cool? Definitely. It was worth all the trouble and money.

And speaking of money, who couldn’t recover from our Data Communications projects with the blinking LEDs and the digital counter. We had to burn some circuits from learning how to solder and Kuya Nido, Kheydin and I even have to walk around the streets of Colon to gather up the parts.

In the end, we all have to ask professional help and thanks to Sir Jazzi’s encouragements, we might have failed but we learned a bigger lesson.

Talking about school events.

Before I got elected as Vice President of the Student Body Organization, I was more of a participant and I could so remember the day Jessa and I won 1st runner up for the Foundation Day Quiz Bowl hosted by Kuya Billy. I could also remember the day Jomar and I won Best Essay for the Math and Science Month.

With the amazing efforts of Ms. Rachel, Student Body Organization was chartered and inducted its pioneer set of officers who reigned three productive terms. Thanks to the AMA Angels who was very dominant during the elections that I didn’t have any choice but to rise up to the challenge.

Being an officer was the most stressful thing that happened to me. Organizing school events were fun and I’ve been pretty good in planning ever since. It’s just that I can only do so much. That is why I’d like to thank every one of you for supporting so give yourselves a round of applause.

I would also dedicate this time to thank our Administration, Faculty and Staff for making great things happen.

They are the very cornerstones of this institution and the very people who took the extra mile to giving us nothing but the best.

The unsung heroes we could say.

The selfless service they render could never be undervalued.

So to them I say: Thank you. Let’s give them a round of applause.
My Ring Hop Ceremony held at the Northwinds Hotel Lahug.
The only consolation we get for serving you guys is to see you have fun.

From the acquaintance parties to the Hearts Day and Christmas Party Celebrations in the past three years, to the 1st ever Halloween Party and the 1st Teachers’ Day, the BlogTalk seminar, the Foundation Days and the Intramurals,

College broke free from its monotonous routine of daily lectures.

We were also given the privilege to represent the school at the Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated or RAFI at the Genesis Valley and the SSG Federation Leadership Training Seminar at the Cebu Business Hotel. So I’d like to acknowledge the people who could show what a true public servant has to be: Ford, Rebecca, Ate Z, Jaymhar and to Abby Kate who could not be here. Thank you so much.

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