The Speech: How I Got My First Paid Job Part 3/4

Most of us will start venturing to the world of work while the rest of us have already battled our way in.

Before WebXPress, before MICS department, let me share a short tale of how I got my first job.

During our first year college, I was awarded as a President's Lister and pride got into me as I got the highest academic recognition ever. So I asked my dad to buy me a PSP as a reward but he turned me down because he could not afford it. I got so mad that I tried to look for a job to buy one for myself. Then I ended up at a call center in Lapu-lapu City because they were offering part time jobs back then. And Lapu-lapu is like a million kilometers away from where I live. Up till now, I still can't figure out how I managed to survive all those time.

But anyway, I got accepted and they managed my working schedule to complement my school's. Every day I worked for five grueling hours on the phone dealing with different people and switching from one project to another almost immediately. It was so stressful that I have the highest respects for call center agents, let alone working students.

I had to be awake as early as 1AM to ride on the only jeepney that passes by early dawn because if I miss it I am going to be late for work and the company has a policy that if you are going to be late, don't come at all because you will be sent home anyway. Pay was good and so were some other more benefits.

As they days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months, I began to wear out to the point I would lock myself in the bathroom cubicle either to sleep or to cry out my frustrations and exhaustions. So I went back to the very reason that took me there. I bought the PSP, resigned and learned life's biggest lesson the hard way.

One thing you should know about life is that do things not because you get something out of it but because you LOVE it.

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