What makes weekends super exciting?

We are slaving ourselves the whole week day working, going to school, doing errands, and more working. It has appeared that weekends have become a blessing to most of us as these are the days that we get to spend time with the people who matter who matter to us: our family, friends and God. 

So what exactly makes weekends worth waiting?

This is the only time that I...

get to spend time with my nephew-son, Miggy.jaysee and miggy

and going to weekend getaways and gatherings with my family:
 jaysee and MAN or mga apong nita

jaysee's family at adventure cafe

jaysee's cousins

jaysee's pingkian sisses

and special dates with friends and loved onesjaysee and rhecel

jaysee's friends called the angels at the birthday of miggy

C.A.T. officers reunion

4d class reunion

jaysee with mumtie and mona

and it also gives me quality time with my Christian friends:

jaysee at the party of Club i55

Rolly and Den-den

Weekends also give me the time to explore great places:

jaysee at bridge

jaysee at fields

jaysee at lighthouse

jaysee at ship

But most of all weekends make me give time I owe to myself:

jaysee chilling

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