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Alter Space: Amazing Pinoy Facebook Game Ever!

Aboitiz leads once again and this time putting our country in the global map as they have developed the first Filipino Facebook game. We are becoming that awesome. 

Through the resources of their subsidiary, the AboitizPower, the Facebook game is supposed to teach us about the ends of what we are doing on Earth that upsets the whole ecosystem. 

The environmental advocacy that the game entails should be enough to raise enough awareness while at the same time prove that we can level up with game publishers abroad.I first heard about the game titled “Alter Space”when it was introduced to us by the executives of Aboitiz Equity Ventures in a party hosted here in Cebu.

About Alter SpaceAlter Space is a Facebook game developed by Cleanergy.

In Alter Space, players are tasked to take care of their own planet. Players progress by adding points to their Happiness, Current-cy, and Experience levels—while keeping their carbon footprint level in check, otherwise their planet and their avatar will per…

Aloguinsan Baluarte Park - Christmas Family Tour Part 2

Note: Read the first part of our Christmas Family Tour

After we have enjoyed Balamban spots like the Adventure Cafe and the JVR Island in the Sky Resort, we headed to have snacks at the great town of Aloguinsan.

What seems to be a rustic town, Aloguinsan is home to a great historical marker known as Baluarte Park. It is located in a beautiful landscaped hill at the back of the municipal hall where old watchtowers used to rise centuries ago.

You could also get a beautiful view of the Tañon Strait from there.

The dudes from the ledges

The dudes in the fort

The Aloguinsan Heritage Map

Me emo

The Aloguinsan Municipal Hall

Baluarte description

One-Day Family Cebu Tour

Balamban Adventure CafeAloguinsan Baluarte ParkJVR Island in the Sky ResortMolave Milk StationKawasan Falls

Awesome Adventure Cafe Experience in Balamban - Family Christmas Tour Part 1

Last Christmas, our family was able to realize the dreams of my father to circle Cebu via the highway which made us celebrate the holidays frugally to fund the great family tour. It was a unique experience for all of us. Never have we imagined that we were able to go to these places together anytime soon. We soon realized that the Transcentral Highway is one of the most scenic highway in the country that everyone should go to. 

We rented a van, hired a driver, brought along lots and lots of food, and even tagged along our aunt, Mama Inday. From our home in the north, we headed down south early in the morning and had breakfast in Adventure Cafe in Balamban.

I have heard so much about it since fellow Cebuano bloggers have spread forth word about the place. It definitely lives up to its name. It offers great food and at the same fun adventurous activities ranging from wall climbing to rappelling, ziplining, and guided tours to caves and water falls.

Me at the top deck towards the zipline

Cebu Career Hub this Feb 25

The No. 1 job site in the country invites you to jumpstart your career
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Feb. 25 - May 25, 10am - 7pm
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Gone are the days of trooping to the country’s capital city, miles away from
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Bring your updated resume and visit the Cebu Career Hub soon!

Jaysee makes it to the YMA with a great team

Yours truly, Jaysee Blabs, along with four other smart and genuinely good students officially signed up for leadership training program. We made it in Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI)’s Young Minds Academy last February 12, 2011. 

My mother was even there at the Covenant Signing and Orientation at the Eduardo Aboitiz Studies Center as the team’s partner. We inked our covenant to signify our willingness to graduate from the 8-month YMA Program which includes various activities like adventure camps and expeditions, learning visits and youth exchanges, capability building, immersion, research and concept development, and conferences. 

Mr. Bobby Aboitiz, the president of RAFI gave a very inspiring speech of how we should all paddle towards the same goal. YMA Alumni also gave insightful testimonials on their bittersweet experiences. Sir Bobby's daughter and representatives from our program partners, Unionbank of the Philippines and City Savings Bank were also there to grace the mome…

My Internship Story

I am not new to working as I first tasted the real world at 18 when I worked as a part-time call center agent at dawn. But little did I know that there is more to learn than just jobs, careers, taxes, financial management, professionalism and all things business in the years that followed.

Internships are supposed to prepare us through monitoring and evaluation before we get hired. And I was lucky enough to undergo the best trainings for an IT student.

We were looking around for companies who could accommodate OJTs like me which was hard because we have to travel from one company to another.

That is why it gives us so much joy when we got hired on the spot at the Cebu City Hall. We started with the IT Department where I learned a lot about Joomla and Content Management Systems, while my fellow AMA friends learned about System Analysis and Design. It was really great to have contributed to the rebranding of Cebu City’s Official Website under Ma’am Mauie’s supervision. The department a…

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) turns 3

So much had happened with my stay in CBSi and I haven’t turned a year with them yet. That gives me so much things to look forward to as the most organized blogging institution in the country is about to turn three years old. 

I could so remember how meek and shy I was at the orientation, as I am always for every new set of colleagues to work with. That might’ve given them the impression that either I am really that shy or that I am snobbish. One thing was for sure though, I think I won’t be able to mingle with them just as well because they seem to be well off. Thing is, they are actually down to earth people who are humorous and quirky but most of all smart. Char.

So it gives me so much pleasure that my application was approved and I finally made it on the organization that most people can only hope to be member of. It was an organization that sets standards and takes it to heart. 

CBSi has opened a lot of opportunities for me while at the same time made me meet a lot of great peop…

Chef Angie and the heavenly dishes of Batch 28

We all love food but not all of us have the ability to craft the finest dishes. When you love something then do whatever it takes to reach and shine. That is what exactly my friend, Angie did when she left three years of computer college for Culinary in Most Institute in Mandaue City. 

Being part of the Pre-Valentine’s Dinner of their batch gave me an insider’s look on events organizing and the action that happens in kitchens.

They were the batch that had the least number of students and to cater to 60 and more people  was such a burden for them. They were originally ten but then some of them have not continued their education for various reasons until only seven emerged in the end. This Pre-Valentine’s Dinner is part of their kitchen simulation, a culmination of every thing that they have learned for the past 6 months of rigorous kitchen work.

Chef Angie in kitchen

I could so remember Angie visiting us in school with hands that suffers burns and cuts. Seeing her personally on action a…

What Citizenship Means To Me

By Jaysee John Rosal Pingkian

No dictionary could put into a few sentences what citizenship could mean to anyone. 

Citizenship is about knowing how this great nation came to be what it is today, understanding what rights do we have as stated in our Constitution and finally realizing what responsibilities entail the time when we begin to exercise our rights. 

Philippines, in my opinion, has the richest history known to man plus the fact that other countries begin to study us every step of the way.

We have a culture that is intertwined with different ideologies, practices and imagery that is influenced by every nation that had set foot in our country which eventually paved the way to our uniqueness. 
That’s why studying our history, government and our nation’s resources is never a chore even to little kids. Knowing how our forefathers fought for our independence, how our officials operate and run the country, how our regions contribute to the nation’s well being is one thing that makes ou…

“Design a Smile” Winner Creates Smiles with Havaianas

What better way to begin the New Year than with a smile?

After a month of public SMS voting nationwide, the winning entry for the Havaianas “Design a Smile” contest has finally been named. From over 2200 flip-flops designs submitted by children ages 5-12, ten designs were chosen by a board of judges and presented for public voting.

Havaianas Winner
And now that the public has chosen, Havaianas congratulates 12-year-old Meghan Kristen F. Sevilla from Quezon City, for showcasing exceptional creativity in her flip-flops design.

Meghan’s flip-flops design was chosen based on the creativity of the design, fulfillment of the theme “What makes you smile?” and the way it embodies the happy personality of Havaianas.

More importantly, Meghan’s flip-flops design will be produced into an actual Havaianas pair for the benefit of Operation Smile Philippines.

“As a happy brand, we wish to be part of Filipinos’ joyous moments,” says Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Havaianas Philippines. “We want to …

What makes weekends super exciting?

We are slaving ourselves the whole week day working, going to school, doing errands, and more working. It has appeared that weekends have become a blessing to most of us as these are the days that we get to spend time with the people who matter who matter to us: our family, friends and God.

So what exactly makes weekends worth waiting?

This is the only time that I...
get to spend time with my nephew-son, Miggy.

and going to weekend getaways and gatherings with my family: