My Blastin 2010

The year 2010 is the Year of the Jaysee Blabs.

  • I got addicted to the Sims 3 and decided to blog about this great home which more or less depicted my dream home, something that faces the sea and something that is contemporary.
  • Sinulog 2010 was something I could never forget since it was my third year to dance at the mardi gras. Our school, AMA Computer College has started to offer ‘sayaw halad’ for the biggest festivity in the country as a sign of gratitude and I didn’t have a choice but I never regretted the experience.
  • I then campaigned so hard for Gibo that this blog became a dedicated magazine with posts like Why Vote for Gibo? And I also decided to create a Youtube video to create a music video of his campaign jingle Lipad by Rivermaya. I used Sims 2’s game movies to craft the awesome vid.
  • It is also the year for me to have my design printed for an event and it was for my nephew-son’s birthday. Miggy turned 5 and I designed his tarp and cards. This year also launched my freelance career as a writer, graphic and web designer. I also won a graphic design contest from Powerbooks where I bagged home a copy of Mockingjay.
  • With the Ondoy and Pepeng, Maguindanao Massacre, and Haiti earth tremors breaking loose, I offered a simple post about life.
  • We celebrated the birthday of my high school buddy and fellow CAT officer, Praky’s, at the Blue Reef which also gave us the chance to try out the biggest pizza I ate and it was in Calda's (Thanks to Leil). 2010 also paved the way for the reunion of all CAT officers at the Genesis Valley. We also supported our fellow buddy Boie when she joined Ms. Consolacion 2010.
  • I also had a very insightful experience at the Genesis Valley Mountain Resort when I took part at the Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress. It was also the same year that Congressman Tomas Osmena talked in our Cebu City SSG Federation Leadership Training Seminar.
  • I also got accepted at the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. which is the country’s most organized blogging institution. Because of the org, I was able to meet great people and gain access to events in Pino!, Waterfront, Marriot Hotel, City Sports Club, Crown Regency, Crimson Resort and Spa, Café Uno, Casa Gorordo and Aboitiz Studies Center where I first met Mr. Illac Diaz, RedBox Karaoke, SM Northwing, Vudu, Ayala Activity Center, SM IMAX, TGI Friday’s, CoffeeCat, Dilaab Foundation’s office, Big Mao and the famous Galleon Andalucia.
  • My family had a rocking great time this year. It was also my first time to visit Talima Adventure and Water Park with my family which is pretty awesome. It was also our first time to participate in a trick or treat event and it happened at the Parkmall Cebu. We celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday at the Moon Café too. But how we celebrated our Christmas was the best since we packed up and toured the whole Cebu province with a rented van. It was even our first time to celebrate the New Year at a hotel, Alpa City Suites to be exact so that we get a good view of the city’s skyline when the clock strikes 12. My family was also able to witness the Liloan Parola festival.
  • Speaking of Christmas, I also had a lot of fun at Vineyard Christmas Party as we danced with our less fortunate brothers in the church and at the Christmas Outreach Program of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.
  • The AMA Christmas Party and the first ever Talent Night was worth it though despite the heavier preparations compared to our first ever AMA Halloween Party which was pretty awesome too. The AMA Heart’s Day and the AMA Teacher’s Day was controversial though as it had sparked funny secrets. When you see people having fun, you tend to forget how tired you are putting it all together. I also won the first ever AMA Programmers of the Year competition in school.
  • I also had this memorable experience where we got lost in Cebu City, left my phone inside Unitop and ended up in Wetland resort.
  • It was also my first time to experience 4D Cinema through the MaxRider in SM Cebu thanks to Melcah and Loydy. We also had a Christmas outing at Coco Palms and Water Park in Danao.
  • I also got involved in a Christian community called the Vineyard Fellowship and a youth group called the Club i55. We also went to Simala with my friends this year and found out that it has improved a lot after two years.
  • I also started working at two companies for my internship. First at the MICS IT Department of the Cebu City Hall where I got involved in the development of the revamping of the official Cebu City website. Now I am working at WebXpress Inc. in IT Park as an intern doing web content and development, and graphic tasks.
  • I enjoyed the Cebu Contemporary Theatre Festival at the CAP Theatre which celebrated Cebuano talent in acting at its very best.
  • It was also my first time to ride on an airplane but the circumstance was unfortunate. But the second plane ride however was awesome because I flew to Ilo-ilo to be part of the Visayas Blogging Summit and the Philippine Blog Awards. I enjoyed the events including the Ilo-ilo Heritage Tour and my first spa experience at the Tibiao Fish Spa.
  • I bagged home awards from the Best Cebu Blogs of 2010 held at The Penthouse which I am grateful for.

But the biggest achievement of my life this year was that I have learned and experienced so much. The relationships that I have forged with people made it more worth living. 

I am in the position where I must not mind the challenges that God puts my way since he blesses me with so much joy the world could not conspire to compromise. 

Always remember to Live, Love and Blog.

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