RAFI stages a great museum belen

Belen photo in Casa Gorordo The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) showed to the public a great nativity scene at the Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City last December 15.

It featured an antique figurine collection that depicts not just the birth of Christ but as well as the Annunciation and the Finding of Jesus in the Temple. The set up marks the 27th anniversary of the museum’s opening. It is open until January so you better check it out.

The belen originates as a Spanish word for Bethlehem. It is a 3D art depiction of the nativity of Jesus Christ.

The Casa Gorordo Museum is a 19th Century residence of the first Cebuano Bishop Juan Garces Gorordo. When RAFI obtained the Casa Gorordo, they continued the house traditions of the Gorordo family not just the setting up of the belen but the original Sinug dance, Semana Santa and Pista ni San Juan among others.

photo by RAFI

[Msgr. Cris Garcia blessed and opened the belen at the Casa Gorordo Museum.]

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