National Nutritional Council asks media help in fighting hunger and malnutrition

One of the worst enemies of the country is poverty. With it comes massive hunger and malnutrition and has jeopardizing the lives of millions of our countrymen. That is why the National Nutritional Council (NNC) has been doing the very best they can to address this very issue. But this time with the aid of the media stakeholders and practitioners on promoting good nutrition.
The Consultative Meeting with Public Information Officers and Media gave a viable venue for the exchange of definite action plans in accelerating the programs of the NNC. 

The whole day workshop at the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City gathered members of the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkasters ng Pilipinas (KBP) in Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental and Siquijor, officers from LGUs and government agencies, media personalities, station managers, producers, PIOs, and media bloggers such as yours truly of together with Ate Wil of and Kuya Iggy of

In the morning, Dr. Parolita A. Mission, NCC Program Coordinator gave a talk about the works NCC has been doing and what the consultative meeting is all about.

Ms. Susan Y. Orpilla followed with giving us the current situation of the regional and national nutrition.
Ms. Lydia Navarre introduced us to the Accelerated Hunger Mitigation Program. Basically they aim to increase food production, enhance efficiency of food delivery, promote good nutrition and manage population.

You see, government units like this need our help and support because they do things that don’t interest your daily newspapers front page editors. They are doing great things for the country whether they get praised or not which is a sad fact when you work in the government or any foundation that has do not take center stage. 

NCC launched their Broadcaster’s Manual which contains all the great information that will aid in promoting good nutrition loaded with facts and information for public education. The unveiling of the manual was spearheaded by Dr. Mission and Mr. Carlo Dugaduga.

The signing the MOA on a huge tarpaulin by media organization’s heads and representatives followed and the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) was represented by Vernon Go as President.

In the afternoon, the workshop which involved Provincial Planning and Presentation of our Output followed right after. The remaining participants were divided into two groups and I had learned so much about the media industry with all the planning and discussion about what will be out action plans for the Regional Level in promoting NCC aims and programs. I was grouped with Ms. Grace of SkyCable, Ms. Emma of Amazing Cebu Channel 54, Mr. Adrian, a PIO of Negros, Ms. Daday of DYRF and officiated by Mr. Ka Bino Guerrero of PRWorks and Mr. Dave of NNC.

Targeting mothers and children 0-5, our campaigns and programs should promote good nutrition within the time period of January 2011 to December 2011. Budget was left to our discretion but through our calculations we ended up close to P2Million pesos which is actually more reasonable than it sounds.

Group 1 Program Proposals

Our group had decided to do four things:

Information dissemination

  • Radio
    • 1 hour interactive radio show
    • Plugs for NCC in every station of KBP as a public service capability
  • Tabloids
    • Advertisements
  • Internet
    • Since lower class families don’t have regular access to the internet, we can tap blogs and social networks for sponsorships and awareness


  • A1 Barangay
    • The barangay with the least malnutrition incidence rate, children with ideal weight and skin
  • A1 Regional Baby
    • With recommendations from Health Care Center personnel and Brgy. Midwives


Production and Distribution of IEC Materials

a. Comics
b. Leaflets and flyers
c. DVDs containing documentaries and films about food, nutrition, and the country to be distributed to schools, churches, and town halls.


Highlighting of Nutrition in all sectors of media

Group 2 Program Proposals

Group 2 however had pretty much the same thing only more specific:


Identify existing NNC programs so that they don’t duplicate and that it anchors to the key messages of NCC

a. DYSS and DYHP
c. Featured articles in The Freeman
d. Nutrition School in Department of Agriculture

Information Dissemination

a. Nutritional 30 sec plugs – promoting breastfeeding
b. Once a week interactive radio program that will cover everything in the Broadcaster’s Manual
c. NCC will invade social networks and build a site with live streaming
d. Amazing Cebu Channel 54 will create 30 second TV plugs made in 3D animation
e. Road show promoting various towns and movies that promote nutrition
f. Vegetable festival and Cooking demo
g. Nutritional Puzzles in Tabloids
h. Educational campaigns exclusive for the media
i. Organizing a Broadcasters’ Conference
There are so many things you can do as an individual or as an institution and you can help in the NCC Hunger-Mitigation Program.

You may contact
National Nutritional Council
Dr. Parolita A. Mission
Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator
Tel. No. (032)418-7182 / (032) 254 – 3263   Pictures to follow

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