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RAFI stages a great museum belen

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) showed to the public a great nativity scene at the Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City last December 15. It featured an antique figurine collection that depicts not just the birth of Christ but as well as the Annunciation and the Finding of Jesus in the Temple. The set up marks the 27th anniversary of the museum’s opening. It is open until January so you better check it out.The belen originates as a Spanish word for Bethlehem. It is a 3D art depiction of the nativity of Jesus Christ. The Casa Gorordo Museum is a 19th Century residence of the first Cebuano Bishop Juan Garces Gorordo. When RAFI obtained the Casa Gorordo, they continued the house traditions of the Gorordo family not just the setting up of the belen but the original Sinug dance, Semana Santa and Pista ni San Juan among others. photo by RAFI [Msgr. Cris Garcia blessed and opened the belen at the Casa Gorordo Museum.]

My trip to Ilo-ilo in a nutshell

Minutes before my departure from Cebu last November 27, 2010 , I coincidentally met my mom in the office, Cristina and we talked a lot and had our picture taken by her boyfriend.
(c) Jaysee Blabs
(c) Carlo LedWhat made the plane ride enjoyable, even if I didn’t have a window seat, was that it was swaying a lot. I arrived at Ilo-ilo International Airport around 4PM and headed immediately to SM City Ilo-ilo.   After attending the Visayas Blogging Summit in Cinema 2, we checked in at Days Hotel fronting Gen. Luna Street.
(c) Sinjin Pineda
(c) Bryan YusonIn the evening, we graced the Philippine Blog Awards at The Venue at Smallville, Ilo-ilo City. The Visayas Leg of the Philippine Blog Awards had a lot of Cebu blogger nominations including yours truly, Jaysee Blabs. For more information on that visit: Philippine Blog Awards Finalists
(c) Bryan Yuson Then we had a pajama party at the Days Hotel room to celebrate Sinjin’s birthday. The next day, Sunday, we had a quick breakfast at McDonald’…

My first Tibiao Fish Spa experience at SM Ilo-ilo!

I think the most neglected and most hardworking part of my body would have to be my feet. So it comes as a delight when Tibiao Fish Spa invited us for an invigorating and unique spa experience on my third and last day in Ilo-ilo last November 29, 2010.

When I entered their shop at the Lower Ground Floor in SM City Ilo-ilo, I was so excited to know what a fish spa feels and looks like. They assisted me with keeping my things as I washed my feet in the designated area. The staff was very attentive and courteous that you’ll feel right at home.
I soon found myself sitting on the indoor pools but became too afraid to even submerge my feet. I looked around and saw them laughing at my cowardly face. It even surprised me that I became hesitant and I involuntarily lifted my feet once these little fishes came to me and tried to nibble on my foot. I was laughing uncontrollably because it tickles a lot and I was acting stupid. Can you imagine me getting afraid while this girl was braver than I was…

Cebu bloggers make families smile this Christmas

Have you noticed how life is not meant to be fair? Why some have so much and others have little or none at all? We may not understand His ways fully but at some point we have to realize that things happen so that people would continue to need each other and we will not forget our social responsibility.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi), one of the most respected blogging institutions in the country, has not forgotten to extend the holiday happiness to our brothers and sisters who had been devastated by the recent fire outrage in Duljo-Fatima, Cebu City. I am so proud of my fellow members who made this happen as we all know how hard it is to lose not only your home but a lifetime’s worth of material necessities.

Our organization held a CBSi Caroling and Gift Giving Event last December 19, 2010. Around fifty families where invited to the event with the help from the DSWD. In the barangay’s basketball court, a great Cebu band, Bethany, serenaded the families with some holiday cheer. Chri…

Jaysee becomes an Emerging Pinoy Leader | Day 1 of the Leadership Congress by RAFI and ALEx

When people ask me “how was the congress?” I uniformly say, “One of the best experiences I had.”The Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress is a two-day leadership training and a convention that gathers up student leaders from all over Cebu to think of ways of how to solve problems, share ideas and success stories and most of all become a leader that thinks globally but acts locally. Genesis Valley in Consolacion provided a great venue for us to interact and hold our event that happened through the efforts of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) and Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence (ALEx).Sleeping in tents, playing games that were metaphoric to leadership realizations, socializing with other student leaders, engaging in a lot of dialogues, talent night, and ultimately drafted our first Youth Declaration were just a few things we did during the two-days one-night event. We were around a hundred participants representing 42 organizations ranging from SK federations, college student government,…

When Yahoo! Execs meet Cebu bloggers!

Yahoo! Philippines came to Cebu for a little gathering with Cebu bloggers. We learned so much about the history of the company, what’s in store for, their views and some of their web success stories at the same time they got to know us and the things we write about.

Rockin’ Jaysee Blabs poster

I designed a poster that showcases my important URLs like my Facebook fan page, which I had just created a few weeks ago. It also promotes my main blog, and my photoblog http://life-snaps.blogspot.comAbout the designI love green because it represents the environment which I am truly passionate about, it also speaks of a campaign color that I supported in the last Philippine Elections. I love Myriad Pro because of how elegant the font looks to any digital art which I think best characterizes this blog. The paint smudges speak of how wild my range of topics have become that I start to consider myself as my own niche. I talk about socio civic efforts, the environment, Cebu events, college, technology, food, interesting places, Youtube videos and photography among many others. I also applied the rules of graphic design and broke them.Please like my fan page
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The AMA Cebu Christmas Party 2010

This is the poster I designed a few weeks ago advertising AMA Computer College’s Talent Night on the Christmas Party in school. Trying the capture the magic of being the night’s star, its theme is mirrored in the design elements.

This is the poster I designed that is announcing the Christmas Party itself.

Being the one co-heading the AMA Student Body Organization, we have organized the party for the students, faculty, admin and staff to celebrate a religious event in the most fun way possible.

We also thought of a way to make it rewarding for the presenters so we launched the first ever AMA Talent Night 2010 with which my friends Rolly Barili and Irish Nuñez emerged victorious. They gave an electrifying dance number and I also meant that literally. Other presenters included the Christmas medley of the AMA Chorale Group (led by Christian Badillo, Jean Rose Bitong and Rolly) and a song number by Alvin and Christian on the strings. They were judged using the ABS-CBN’s Showtime’s system.