SM Cinema new eTicketing system guarantees no more lines

sm cinema new ticketing system poster

bcode machine used in sm cinemaSM Cinema is the first to give Filipinos the 3D digital cinema experience three years ago. They are also the first to give motion effect seat simulators that will make action scenes quite more immersive. They are also the first to offer the ultimate cinematic experience, the IMAX which is now in Cebu. As if those were not enough, they were also the first to break grounds with the first interactive cinema gaming, the Winema.

Now, the largest movie exhibitor in the country is proud to introduce another first.

Imagine having to secure a movie ticket right in your own home. SM Cinema is proud to unveil another digital innovation with a new website that lets you get a ticket with a click of a mouse. No more lines! Go online! You can redeem your ticket through a special machine on the theater that scans your phone screen! You can even choose your own seat!

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to new
  2. Choose your SM branch and the movie title. Click Go.
  3. Click on a movie schedule.
  4. Register, Pay and Choose the receive SMS option. Online ticket purchase is available through major credit cards or through Globe GCash.
  5. Verify your email to finish registration.
  6. Go to the cinema’s bCODE machine. Let it scan the SMS message and it prints your ticket(s). Don’t worry it is compatible with virtually all types of mobile phones.

You can so enjoy cool blockbusters like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without the line up with other fans that takes years for you to get your ticket. With an innovation that utilizes the internet, mobile payment solution and a mobile ticketing system, you are sure to be treated a wonderful magical movie experience that even Harry would be amazed at.

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