The Reunion

jaysee pingkian posing with statues

jaysee pingkian doing the flare

jaysee pingkian by the covered path

There comes this time of the year when we get to see each other. Something we look forward to during summers or semestral breaks. School, work and anything else may have burnt us out which also adds to the excitement on going to great places with my good ol’ best friends high school.

Just last November 6, 2010 we went to this resort which is great and awesome for many reasons. That is why we’d like to thank Jammy for discovering it, Clyde for spearheading the organization and the rest of the gang for trying to make it work again. I am obliged not to tell it yet and if you know, then good for you.

The Place

Getting there was so difficult, as the bumpy road seemingly shakes you to the core and it is situated in the middle of the countryside. Because of that, you would begin to doubt if you are going on the right way and if such a resort exists because it looks so good in the pictures our organizers posted on Facebook. But anyway, when we arrived we were just in awe as the place was soooo huge and is perfectly maintained. From the landscaping to the facilities, you’d never thought that such a place exists in a place I thought I know so well. There’s the area with the tables and all, then a huge fun-filled playground, a wide football field with horses grazing, a very emo inducing pond where you could also go fishing, a park, a mini zoo, Bible scriptures walk, the top garden and the beautiful open Grand Function Halls which give you the perfect view of the sky and the mountains as your backdrop and the pools with slides.

The Friends

jaysee pingkian and friends in a grand hall

We met each other when I was new at St. Louis School and we were third year high school students then. I joined the Citizenship Advancement Training for officers simply because I wanted to have more in my portfolio in extra curricular activities for the deliberation for honor students when I graduate. I was News Editor of the school organ and member of the high school based YFC and participated every out of school competitions to gain merits and told myself CAT could be a big push.

Little did I know that it was going to be the start of one of the greatest bonding I will have that will last for ages.

jaysee pingkian and friends by the pond

We were all of different backgrounds and characters but somehow it was the very reason why we complemented each other. The times when we were training was probably not the highlight of my life for top secret reasons but passing it was definitely the biggest achievement of my life.

I have learned so much about discipline, honor and camaraderie than ever before.

Not only have I gained a status in high school but as well as gained friendships that have withstood almost everything. Yes, we had our troubled times but they had to happen in the past in order for us to be closer today. It wouldn’t have been possible too if without our trainers, the senior officers who handled us and our Corps commander, Sir Omega, who is now employed abroad.

Thank you Justine Muñez for the photos and myself for the post-processing. More photos to come soon.

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