Parkmall Cebu Trick or Treat: Awesome family affair

jaysee pingkian and his nephew miggy pingkian in parkmall

It was the first time that my family would have to participate in a Halloween event last October 31, 2010. Parkmall Cebu was organizing a family costume party and a mall wide Trick or treat. It was open to families who registered days ago and with Miggy (my nephew-son), we have been buzzing about it for weeks. He was wearing a soldier fatigue as costume which turned out to be more in the likeness of Kuya Kim as some people commented. The other kids were wearing costumes like angels, royalty, mythical and monstrous creatures.

parkmall halloween childrens party clown hosting at the parkmall halloween childrens party

The party was held at the Playmaze function room at the second floor where kids and their families were treated to games, dance numbers by The Monsters and the bubble show by young jovial cheerleaders.

miguel inside the bubble

They were giving away educational products as prizes and giveaways. It was hosted by a lively and entertaining clown who kept us giggling all throughout.

jaysee pingkian, miggy and my sister, tisha on trick or treating

But the most exciting part would have to be the trick or treating. Since my parents were not showing any signs of youth, they decided to wait for us at the party room. My sister, Tisha, and her son, Miggy (who is also flaunting his pumpkin bag), my brother, Kevin, and I ventured out to participate. We were given a specially marked map of the mall blacking out participating stalls and shops and we have to visit each one of them so we could receive the stamp and the treats.

Everything was supposed to be fine until we realized that the reason why some families were way ahead of us is because they had asked quite too many stamps on the same stall or shop. This puts them at an unfair advantage because the stamps were not shop specific. But either way, having to discover new shops (considering how long our family has been hanging out there) and getting to meet new people was a great experience that we couldn’t forget and mind you by the end of it all, the stress in our faces couldn’t be any more noticeable and it was worth it.

Here are more shots with the family:

jaysee pingkian and dad 
tisha, mommy, and jaysee pingkian 
jaysee, kevin, mommy pingkian 
miggy and jaysee

My sister also wishes to thank one of the organizers who is also her friend. Thank you Parkmall! Post processing on the photos by me! Thanks to Ate Nowieh!

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