Boie joins Ms. Consolacion 2010 for real

Abigail Besabella Boie head shot 

I thought it was awesome enough because of the great photo shoot I had with Ate Kriscel Angeles in the morning and participated at the Greenin’ Philippines Program Presentation and Forum in the early afternoon. But as it turns out, my October 27 wasn’t going to end in deadbeat. That day, I went back to work after weeks of leave and I could never be more excited because of the text message I got that our long-time friend, Abigail Besabella Boie or “Boie” joined a beauty pageant.

My heart sort of skipped a beat with amazing disbelief that I have to reread the whole thing again. Yes, she is joining Ms. Consolacion 2010. How does that does that even happen? Pardon my skepticism but she is the last person I would think would join such. We used to roll around the mud in high school. She’s someone you could call, one of the boys. The most down to earth person if you must say. In fact, she never strikes me as someone who would don a gown and flaunt her back like she did the moment I arrived at the Consolacion National High School Gym right after I logged out from work around 10PM. The place was beautifully set up for the occasion with the stage glittering and the lights seemingly working around with precision. I was greeted and ushered by Ryan to join the rest of the gang, Tinay and Justine. I was so excited to see them back and we never ran out of words since then. This is really happening. I was a bit late so they showed me pictures and videos and I was still in shock. Years have passed and the only thing that’s constant is change. So true.

Abigail Besabella Boie location photo shootThen the amazing hosts that night announced that the evening gown competition is taking place, I was definitely at the edge of my seat not minding how I tired and sleepy I was with the very long day. The contestants cat walked around the stage showcasing red gowns made by talented local designers. Then Boie came and walked around like as humanly possible. Haha.

Then the Special Awards came and there were a lot of sponsors and her winning Ms. Congeniality is nothing new to me as she is the most eloquent and the friendliest person I know. But what shocked me was the fact that she bagged Ms. Sunsilk Best Hair home. Wow.

The fact that she made it to the finalists was already good enough for me. Last I heard, she underwent screening along with forty something more aspirants. From interviews to 10 judges to fashion walk evaluation, mind you competitions like this are no joke. Then the finalists went to public speaking crash courses by Toastmasters International and were tailored to wear top Cebu designers’ dresses in various functions and location photo shoots. During the coronation night, there was the Finalist’s Production Number, Funwear Competition, Eve Long Gown Competition and the Question and Answer Portion. Governor Gwen Garcia was also there to grace the event together with the new Consolacion mayor, Teresa Alegado. The talent portion was held earlier, October 16, 2010 at the Consolacion Covered Court. By this time we haven’t heard about her candidacy yet.


Official List of Contestants

1. Mary Beth Buayan Bocboc (also a Louisian)
2. Vanisa Pearl Sacedor Abelong
3. Christine Mae Cuico Saguenza (Ms. Consolacion 2010)
4. Annlorein Estrada Alcuizar
5. Glorieta Ybañez Cañon
6. Abigail Besabella Boie
7. Zyra Quiapo Lada (4th Runner-up)
8. Joce Rey Rago Mondelo (2nd Runner-up)
9. Roxanne Mejorada Saldaña (1st Runner-up)
10. Estela Bernadez Cabison
11. Mary Mae Mabelle Tibon Maglasang
12. Ivy Grace Casintahan Judaya
13. Rhea Mae Fabrique Bacu
14. Dayanara Monsales
15. Charmaine Glen Ponce Gonzaga
16. Charmaine Aton Sanchez (3rd Runner-up)


Tinay, Me and Justine with Ms. Cebu Tourism and Ms. Cebu 2009.


Tinay, Me and Justine this time with Mr. Cebu and Mr. Mandaue.


Tinay, Me and Justine with Roy Empleo who gave an intermission number.


The contestants in their evening gown.


Me and Boie

About Ms. Consolacion

The Miss Consolacion 2010 is the search for a young woman who will serve as ambassadress of goodwill to represent the people and the Municipality of Consolacion in various social activities. She must pose all the potentials to be able to establish good public relations and promote the town effectively.

She must also have the wit and intellegence to be able to articulate the various programs, projects and activities of the Municipality. She must also serve as an effective spokesperson of the current administration to serve as an emblem of the vision of the Municipality of Consolacion.

Congrats Boie!

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