Simala Cebu: It’s Miracles and Beauty

With so much to thank God and Mama Mary for the past few months, I immediately jumped at the invitation of a dear friend, Jesryl to come to Simala in Sibonga, Cebu.
I owe them so much for all the opportunities that come my way and the fact that I have some things to ask Him for. If you are in Cebu you must have heard about the miracles that Our Lady of Simala gives its fervent patrons. After packing up light and going to the bus station early, we soon found ourselves a day of new beginnings last October 16, 2010. 
Good thing the bus we rode on had a karaoke with wireless mic on so as the rest of the passengers were not so enthusiastic about singing as much as we do, we took the opportunity and sang the songs ourselves. Jesryl and Jennifer took turns in singing for the whole duration of the trip while I kept silent at the back. Joke. Surprisingly, Rhecel and Irish took centerstage as they sang theirs wholeheartedly at one point.

I have not been there for around three years tops so you can just imagine how stunned I was at the great new changes that the religious place had. The church had actually grown much like into a castle; around four times bigger than the original chapel with two long grand staircases. Everything was mostly in construction but you can already appreciate its beauty. After going inside and doing the things we went there for, we found ourselves eating at the carenderia outside and took more pictures of each other. Before heading home, we took more pictures by the lake and the shrines. We went home tired but content.

I recommend you visit the place and not just pray but do well when you go back into the real world. This way, God hears our prayers better.
The chapel has grown a few more times and is now more elaborate in design
the beautiful chapel of simala
The long staircase would have to be one of the greatest changes it had
irish, jennifer and rhecel on the simala staircase
From left to right: Irish, Jennifer, Rhecel and me
rhecel, jaysee, jennifer and irish on the staircase 
jesryl posing on the staircase
The interior had very much improved with great frescoes, flooring and ornaments.
rhecel, jaysee, jennifer and irish inside the chapel
Mama Mary outside the chapel.
our lady of simala
The new chapel facade.
simala chapel 
Me looking over the well designed pond.
jaysee pingkian overlooking the lake
Thanks to Jesryl, the drivers and conductors to and from Simala, our habal-habal drivers, Kuya Jokit and fam for the cam.

Have you ever been to paradise? Here in Cebu, you have got to visit Simala. It is a religious place actually. Lots to see and you couldn't help but to feel closer to heaven. Pray on.

“Pilgrim sites, though, are not only about pilgrims but also about those who feed off pilgrimages. Eateries have sprouted near the shrine’s gate and behind these a vacant lot surrounded by coconut trees was transformed into a pay parking area. One can also find there cottages rented at P100 each. There we ate our lunch and whiled away the time.

The biggest pull of the Marian shrine in Simala is, of course, the icon’s reported healing power. Brother Martin interrupted the rosary to allow a woman to narrate her battle with a breast ailment that fortunately was not cancer. She attributed her healing to her faith in the Blessed Virgin. Indeed, faith. For those who believe, faith is enough.“
-Bong Wenceslao, online-

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa

How to get there?

If you’re to go there by bus, then chose the going to Argao bus in South Bus Terminal and you’ll reach there. You’ll know when you’re already near to Simala because of the Carcar bus stop. And after all, all corners I think has a signage saying “Simala, Sibonga”

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