Lola Paping will be missed forever

Lola Agripina ‘Paping’ Yabo-Pingkian was 90 when she passed away. She didn’t left us, just went ahead to be with Lolo whom she shared the rest of her life with. They were awarded as the Golden Family of Lopez Jaena by a local government unit. She was president of Catholic Women’s League and was the most celebrated teacher of her time.

The love story she has with our grandfather is probably the only one I could think of that lasted forever. It was simple, chaste, and genuine. Inseparable. A model most of us can only hope to achieve. They were also active in social and civic developments in Mindanao and were able to let all of their seven children finish college. Now they are engineers, ship captains, managers, teachers and successful family heads.

Lots of things we can never forget about her is her love for dancing, how great she was in swimming, her unbelievable memory as she could remember all the birthdays of her children and grandchildren and her interest in our studies. In fact, all our conversations always led to how proud she was of my academic feats but it is sad that we didn’t even get the chance to talk about my college life. One thing that sets her apart from every one of us was the fact that she never knew how to get angry. Even her children can attest to that. She worries all the time but she never lets go of any ill-fated words or actions.

poster for Lola Agripina ‘Paping’ Yabo-Pingkian 

Here’s to the very woman who inspired me to excel in everything, thank you. You have given me one of the best parents there is in this world and you have raised one of the greatest God fearing families ever. We miss you so much. :(

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