Galleon Andalucia Cebu Media Tour as part of the celebration of the Dia de Galleon Festival

The Galleon Andalucia Media Tour was arranged last October 16, 2010 to make the public appreciate our history and understand the importance of culture and heritage to the development of the country.

It was held on a beautiful evening at Pier 1, Cebu City near Malacañang sa Sugbo. Media practitioners, public relation officers, government officials from key cities and guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and were able to meet the all-Spanish ship crew of the Galleon. After that, everyone was able to board the ship and get an up-close encounter with a sneak peek from a distant past.

This Media Tour is Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.’s (RAFI) way of expressing its gratitude to the media for actively covering their community development projects to promote Cebuano culture. The event reminds us of the important role of the Galleon not only as a link in the international trade but, also served as a cultural highway among peoples touched along the route. 


Aboard the ship

night shot of the Galleon Andalucia with cebu media on board

At first step you would come to realize that the type of wood used on the ship is of the highest quality and much care was put into order into replicating the ship’s interior design. Intertwining ropes decorate the ships exteriors and its mechanisms allow it to sail impeccably. Its stern looks manly and the center deck was not as roomy for a fighting scene as I would expect after watching movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

insignia on the ship

But on the halls leading to the cabins, you would notice the insignias placed on the walls and one of the crew members, Jose, told us that they are actually given by people along the way. One such was their stopover in China for the World Expo.

middle deck of the Galleon Andalucia

The middle deck is somewhere I would host a stag party or something. There were two flat plasmas on the wall and a projector on one side showing film clips of the ship at sea. It was very spacious and the canons were placed on both sides. It was authentically lighted with old looking lamps.

admiral room of the Galleon Andalucia

My favorite part would have to be the Admiral’s Room as it looked more of a hotel suite with an aristocratic sofa set, a huge table which was adorned by Sto. Niño and Cebu’s coffee table books. The door in between the bookshelves lead us to a little terrace which seems to be the focal point the first time you scan the room.


About Galleon Andalucia

After the stopover in Manila, Galleon Andalucia docked at Pier 1 in Cebu City last October 13, 2010, Wednesday. We received news that it was opened for public viewing. We were actually there when it arrived noon. I was with my friends but security denied us from even looking closer. Determined, we even went back the next day evening but didn’t make it because of the cut-off time. So you can just imagine how happy I was when the invitation for the event went straight into my inbox.

The ship is the replica of the 17th century Spanish galleon which took the Manila-Acapulco route centuries ago. That trade took place sometime between 1565 and 1815. It did not only provide a way to exchange commodities but barter cultural experiences between the countries involved as well. It connected Asia with the rest of Europe, the Americas and Africa. The trade was even dubbed as the ‘vessel of cultural transmission.’

The visit of Galleon Andalucia culminates the 1st Dia del Galeon festival to be held every 8th of October. The festival commemorates the galleon trade that took place between the Philippines and Mexico. Yours truly was even able to cover the launching of the Dia de Galleon festival at Casa Gorordo.

full body shot of the Galleon Andalucia at night in cebu port 
Galleon Andalucia bells and ship ropes

Me with fellow Cebu bloggers (Kuya Vernon, Kuya Bjorn, Kuya Bert) and Ms. Nancy Cudis

Me with fellow Cebu bloggers (Kuya Vernon, Kuya Bjorn, Kuya Bert) and Ms. Nancy Cudis 

The whole ship crew and the captain

The whole Galleon Andalucia crew and the captain

Group photo op with Cebu Media and the ship crew

Galleon Andalucia crew and members of the media photo op

Photos by Vernon Go, Kuya Jokit and fam for the cam, and my brother Kevin.

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