Dia del Galeon Festival comes to Cebu

clip_image002I bet you have not heard about it too. You are not alone as I was curious myself during the press launch of the Dia del Galeon Festival. What perfect way to celebrate a cultural effort than through inviting the Cebu media to Casa Gorordo, a colonial period lifestyle museum maintained by our friends from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI).

Dia del Galeon Festival press launch

RAFI along with Baler 400 Steering Committee and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) organized the Dia del Galeon Festival this year. The said commemoration pays tribute to the galleon trade between the Philippines and Mexico dating back 1565 to 1815.

“Philippines is the bastion of faith in Asia and Cebu has proven the religiosity of its people is strong. We are starting to reflect the contribution of the galleon,” says Fr. Harold Rentoria OSA, an NCCA Commissioner. “We need to learn from our history so that we don’t commit the same mistake. Mahalaga ang nakaraan dahil mas may wider understanding tayo sa ating culture. Mga kasamahang bata naming kabataan surprisingly have keen interest in history.”

The Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage arrived at the Casa Gorordo

The Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage arrived at the Casa Gorordo minutes after the Press Launch. Did you know that it was the first time that the image has traveled outside Mexico since the end of the Galleon Trade after 200 years and we were so blessed that Cebu was chosen as its destination.


Viaje del Galeon

One of the activities of the Dia del Galeon is the Viaje del Galeon, a commemorative event that reminds the public of the important role of the Galleon as a link in the international trade and as a cultural highway among people touched along its route.

Viaje del Galeon was held on Oct. 8 to 11, 2010 with a cruise from Manila to Cebu then back to Manila. The cruise featured lectures and activities participated by around 300 youth leaders about the importance and contributions of the Galleon on the spiritual, cultural, and economic developments of the different islands in the Philippines.

October 9, 2010

  • arrival in Cebu
  • motorcade and mass with Our Lady of La Paz-Antipolo to Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
  • welcome dinner with Cebu City Government and Cebu City Committee of Tourism at Fort San Pedro Grounds
  • night city tour

October 10, 2010

  • motorcade and mass with Our Lady of La Paz-Antipolo to St. Joseph's Parish
  • food trip to Bantayan sa Hari care of Mandaue City Tourism Ofice
  • museum trips to Casa Gorordo Museum, University of Southern Philippines Foundation-Rizal Museum, Cathedral Museum of Cebu, and 1730 Jesuit House
  • departure 5pm

jaysee pingkian with Viaje del Galeon Festival student leaders participants

This is me along with Viaje del Galeon Festival student leader participants.


Why Dia del Galeon?

Fr. Rentoria also adds that the bonds we have with our Latin American brothers cannot be underestimated. “When you speak about the Galleon, we were reminded of how important Manila was not only to the country but to the whole Southeast Asia.”

Through this event, RAFI hopes to make the youth understand the importance of culture and heritage to the development of the country and enrich them with mechanisms on preserving and protecting heritage sites.

“This is a part that remains a very rich area of research. We are building a common economy together. This is a festivity of a much larger future,” thus says Ms. Cynthia Rivera of Intramuros Administration. “Heritage is very much alive.”

Dr. Jocelyn Gerra adds that “People are not contented with saying beautiful things but already wants to know what is going on. If you put the players in the right place then you are one step closer to preserving a culture.”


More Info

For more information about the Viaje del Galeon-Cebu leg, please contact 418-7234 loc. 702 and look for Karl Damayo.

Photos by Vernon Go

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