Why new Intel Products simplify PC: The 2nd Intel Philippine Blogger Workshop

image For the second leg of exclusive Intel Blogger Workshop, the biggest processor manufacturer, chose one of the best IT hubs in the country, Cebu. Inviting some members of the Cebu Bloggers Society and writers from Sun.Star and The Freeman, participants were able to gain insight on Intel’s new line of products dubbed the i-Series and why there is one for every type of user out there.

Pentium is so yesterday. Introducing i3 for the Dabbler, i5 for the Gadgeteer and i6 for the Tech Whisperer!


Marriot Hotel Cebu’s Rosal and Adelfa Rooms accommodated us we gauge ourselves on the two part workshop:

The first part was about the influence of Social Media, Understanding the Basics of PC, The Truth about Graphics, How do you choose the right Intel processor for your needs, The Hourglass Syndrome, different Personalities of PC users and the Core strengths of Intel Products. It was discussed by Intel’s Randy Kanapin.

The second part was about the Core technologies behind the world’s best processors from Intel: Hyper-threading, Turbo-boost, 32nm technology; and we were also treated to a demonstration of how Intel’s processor performs versus previous generation. Jason Ty, Channel Platform Manager of Intel, also talked about the myths and facts about PCs.

Intel uses the word “smart” when describing their products’ technologies because what is great about it is that it adapts to the user’s needs and the computer’s resources. That’s artificial intelligence at work. And who doesn’t love energy efficient products.

I also met Ms. Magel OrdoƱez, our PR for the event. Thank you so much for inviting us for this great opportunity.


It was also a great avenue to educate media bloggers like yours truly about emerging trends and great new stuff that will change the way we live. Why bloggers? Flattering to share but Intel has expressed their praise on the new media and how it has greatly influenced the society.

“People,” Mr. Kanapin says, “don’t trust advertisements as much anymore. They do trust peer recommendations.” Social media is not a fad and will give you the best exposure, trust ratings and great marketing should you have done well. Thank you Intel.

“Social networking has taken over prom when it comes to PC usage,” he adds.


“Today is so yesterday,” as what Mr. Kanapin says as Intel’s new TV campaign that tends to show the pace with which technology is evolving.

Intel’s new processors boast of three Core Strengths:

  1. It’s Turbo Time
    1. Intel Turbo Boost Technology
      Dynamically Delivering Optimal Performance and Energy Efficiency
  2. Multi-tasking Monster
    1. Maximum resource utilization with guaranteed program responsiveness. “The Typical user wants to control everything,” Mr. Kanapin says.
  3. Intel Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics
    1. For premium display, audio and video, full Windows 7 Experience, Mainstream Gaming. Yep, new Intel processors have built in Graphics Card! Did you know that the Graphics Card is one of the biggest energy user of the PC. Imagine how much you could save when you don’t need one because it is already integrated in your processor.



The Dabbler uses computer to listen to music, watch videos, play games and surf the web.

The Gadgeteer, or power users, also uses the PC to make multiple applications in creating content like designing and editing RAW files, 3D modeling, filmmaking, sound mixing and more.

The Tech Whisperer are those where most of us don’t fall into. They are the computer elite. They use PC to conduct international level of business, or running a big organization and its resources, or anything more than your average geek.


Starting out with a very sumptuous lunch, we also had the time to catch up with other and meet new people. I met some CBS members for the first time. We were also given the chance to test drive PCs running on Intel processors and surf the net for a while. The name tags were really personalized and the kit given was complementary to the company’s graphical image.

The series of talks followed right after. Mr. Kanapin took the first half and Mr. Ty followed right after. The question and answer followed Mr. Ty had demonstrated the power of Intel processors on mainstream games.

At the end of the event, we were all given a specially marked Intel travel universal adapters while some were given amazing Intel bags.  FYI: The first Intel Philippine Blogger Workshop was held in Manila three months ago.

I’ve never used anything other than Intel as there is a great reason why we at home, at school or at work, trust only one name when it comes to personal computing. It is an honor to be part of something this scale and to educate my fellow netizens about how Intel is literally sponsoring our tomorrow.

[photos coming soon]

Learn what you may not know about your PC!

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  1. just noticed:
    "Pentium is so yesterday. Introducing i3 for the Dabbler, i5 for the Gadgeteer and i6 for the Tech Whisperer!"

    that should be "...and i7 for the Tech Whisperer..." :D


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