How to be a great leader? 16 Rules we should always remember!

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  1. Ask yourself: How do you make the organization successful?
    “It all starts with you.” – Mr. Kenneth Cabingue
  2. Everything rises and falls on leadership – John Maxwell
  3. List the traits from your most admired successful people and follow them.
  4. What makes them successful? They changed the world. Their vision inspired millions.
  5. “ACTION leads to RESULTS” – Mr. Kenneth Cabingue
  6. Man walked on the moon and it all started when his mother once said: “If anybody can’t do it, you can do it, Neil.”
  7. “INTENTION + OPPORTUNITY = RESULTS” – Mr. Kenneth Cabingue
  8. Ask yourself:
    1. How do I show my leadership in public?
    2. What is my relevance of existence to the public?
  9. All the projects you organize must be SMART:
    1. Specific – How do you picture the activity to be like?
    2. Measurable – How many will attend? What goals have you set?
    3. Attainable – Is it realistic?
    4. Relevant – Why do this?
    5. Time-bounded – When is it happening?
  10. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.
  11. Always improve your comprehension. This will help you answer exam questions and problems in life more quickly and accurately.
  12. Always question yourself.
    ”We grew up in an environment where we develop certain values and there are even times where I question some of these. You always have to see what is right.” – Hon. Tomas Osmeña
  13. Hard work is never the key to success. “The secret to success is to become the smarter guy.” – Hon. Tomas Osmeña
  14. “When don’t go right. Don’t just complain. Do something.” – Hon. Tomas Osmeña
  15. “Second is not enough. Once you decide to challenge, stop everything else and win it. But there is one important part to winning and that is your attitude.”
    – Hon. Tomas Osmeña
  16. To win, you don’t have to run faster, you just have to run a little bit faster. – Hon. Tomas Osmeña

These are my notes from the SSG Leadership Training Seminar

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