Got my prize from Powerbooks after losing!?

I technically did not win.

It all started when I got an email from Maam Mauie telling me about the book cover art contest that Powerbooks Store was hosting. She gave a link to her blog about the details and without hesitation, since I’ve got nothing to lose, I joined that very same night and sent my entry hours later, before I logged off at work. (Oops)

Thing is I don’t have any idea what “Mockingjay” was. I had to research about the book and found out it was the final installment of a trilogy called “The Hunger Games.” Site after site, I soon gained knowledge and fell for the story eventually. Basically it’s like Big Brother only that the contestants are made to kill each other. Interesting huh?

my mockingjay cover art

Then I looked through the previous book covers and learned about the bird as a metaphor to the theme. And since Mockingjay is about the end of the so called Hunger Games, my cover art speaks of salvation and freedom and the grunge effects and the blood spatter from the bow entails that “flying away” from it will not be easy.

I didn’t know I won not until my friend, Elwin, told me at work. Actually, he also joined the contest and won. I had to see for myself and apparently my friends and loved ones were already spreading out their cheers online as Powerbooks already posted the album showing the winners. I could never explain my happiness at that point.

As I mentioned earlier, I technically did not win. The original plan was that there are only three winners who will win a copy of the book and the criteria of judging was 70% from the number of likes and 30% will come from the judges’ votes.

Around 16 entries were sent and I was the laziest to promote mine. It’s very tiring to chat up everyone online to guide through on how they can support you. Some even asked what I can get from it and expressed dismay when I said that I don’t get cash from it and well, how do you explain something like that to someone who doesn’t love books right? hehehe… In the end, I only finished fifth in total with a large margin of votes because people don’t love it as much.

 “We were so impressed by the entries that we had a difficult time just choosing 3 winners, so we decided to add 2 more! Congratulations to the winners!” Powerbooks says.


1 image Jeffrey Serrano 334
2 image

Gabriel Ponsones 278


3 image

Elwin Managbanag Jr. 211


4 image Gladz Sombilan 128
5 image me 116


The book came with a pretty ribbon!

Trivia: I have never purchased a novel. All the books I’ve read from the past are given by or borrowed from people. So I’d like to tell everyone that I am open for charities. Being a book lover is inherited from my number 1 fan, my mom, so I dedicate this victory to her.

mockingjay book

First, I thank God for showering me with so much opportunities in life; to Powerbooks for picking me and to my friend who came along, to everyone who believes in me and supported so much especially my wifey; my workplace for the tools and to Ma’am Mauie.

Moral lesson: Grab the opportunity where you know you could grow and learn. Join for the right reasons. Most importantly, don’t get lazy as you might not become as lucky as me.

This could be the start of a great graphic design career ahead!


  1. congrats jaysee!!!
    you absolutely deserve it

  2. Thanks te Debz! Looking forward to meeting you again!

  3. Congrats again...!!! And GOD Bless on your career in life... ♥ ♥ ♥ ^_^

    You can always count on me...!!!

  4. Thanks hon! Love you! I am happier with my life because of you!


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