Cebu Leadership Training Seminar improves inter school union and amazing values formation

Gathering the 270 top school leaders of high school and colleges in Cebu City, The Supreme Student Government Leadership Training Seminar was a success.

students leaders in Cebu

Yours truly was there to represent AMA Computer College Cebu (AMA) as the Student Body Organization (SBO) Vice President. I attended with AMA SBO President Craig Ford Samson II and AMA SBO Acting Secretary and Treasurer Rebecca Rallos.

jaysee pingkian, rebecca rallos and ford samson II for AMA Computer College
photo by Ate Salve Vega

Last September 18, 2010 at the Cebu Business Hotel, a seminar taught Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries of the student organizations in their respective schools, three amazing things every leader should know:

  1. “It’s About Me”
    A Self-Awareness Course on Success
    The National Training Director of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Phils. was the speaker for the first two parts the whole-day seminar. He is Mr. Kenneth Cabingue.
  2. “Your First Meeting is Critical”
    A Guide on Project Management
    Mr. Cabingue discusses task delegation and time management for our organizations.
  3. “Good Governance” 
    A talk about values and ethics which is applicable not only in politics but in the real world. Hon. Tomas Osmeña, was the speaker for this third part.


It’s About Me

jaysee with other student leaders discussing

College and High School students were divided for the first talk. Mr. Cabingue made use of anecdotes and group activities to see the essence of the topics. For example, for the “It’s About Me” part, he made us discuss and list five of our most admired successful people and what makes them as such.



Your First Meeting is Critical

rebecca rallos with other student leaders
On the second part, “Your First Meeting is Critical,” Mr Cabingue asked us create a written output based on a situationer that we are to simulate our first organizational meeting to organize an event for the group which aims to unwind. From setting up our objectives, to deciding matters about the project and the expected outcome, he introduces us to the idea of using the SMART acronym.

SMART means the project should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bounded.

Question and Answer

During the QA following Mr. Cabingue’s talk, I was able to ask him if he considers himself successful and how does he define success on the personal level. I was really inspired with what he said and I took note of it:

“Yes. Very much. The opportunity to speak to all of you is already a success for me. Seeing people succeed is success for me and nobody can take it away from me.”

Good Governance

hon. tomas osmeña at the student leadership seminar
credits to Kevin Ray Chua

Mayor Tomas Osmeña advises the importance of adequate rest and how it affects our performance in school, improving our comprehension especially in exams, and that we “should always have to question ourselves” because he even questions some values we all grew up with. What also notable was his idea to never settle for anything less. He advises us that we “should develop values despite the orientations that second place is not enough.”

“But” he says, “there is one important part to winning, it’s your attitude.”


Stand Up! End Poverty Now!

The event was also the Stand Up! End Poverty Now! rally. It was spearheaded by SK Federation President, Hon. Rengele Pelayo. After introducing us to the great global initiative, a prayer and a rally happened thereafter. We took oath at being an active catalyst to help our world leaders end poverty and achieve the Millenium Development Goals (MDG). There was also the wall signing, signifying our pledge. Rebecca Rallos and Kuya Kevin Ray Chua won the raffle for the shirts.


SSG Fed Election

After a whole day of training, an election of Supreme Student Government Federation took place in the evening. After much heated debate on some motions, it has been decided that (1) it was agreed that only one vote for every position was entitled to every student council. Apparently, some universities have different student council for every branch and some had only one or two representatives so it makes sense to amend the constitution that governs us; (2) Only the president of their school’s student council can be eligible to be nominated for the SSG Federation President and Vice President; and (3) Anyone can be nominated for the succeeding positions regardless of position in the school’s student council. Parliamentary Procedure was used to regulate the process of amendments.

The election was presided by then-incumbent SSG Fed President and CCYDC Commissioner Erwin Andaya, Hon. Rengelle Pelayo and a funny COMELEC chair.


Oath-taking of SSG Federation 2010

Newly Elected Officers

President: Paolo Saberon
Vice-President: Mark Albiso
Secretary: Dale Tecson
Treasurer: Leonard Igot
Auditor: Rizza Labao
PRO: Kevin Ray Chua and Bob Amora



It was my first time and conversed with Student Leaders from other schools like CTU’s Leonard Igot, Jason Dian, and Janice Rivera; DMCC’s Meosheil Buico, Nestor Libradilla Jr., and Daniel Carriaga Jr.; UC Main’s Yuki Sy and Jonah Albero; UC Banilad’s Paolo Saberon; STC’s Fatima Hortelano and Rizza Labao, CIT-U’s Ronell Padillo and SIT’s Jean Engaña.

And the event also paved the way for me to reunite with Ate Salve Vega (UC) who’ve I met in St. Louis School and Kuya Kevin Ray Chua who is my friend at Cebu Blogger’s Society Inc.


About the event

All public and private high schools in Cebu City came and elected their SSG Fed officers and some of the colleges who participated were from AMA, USC, STC, SIT, CNU, CTU, CITU, St. Paul’s, USPF, UC and DMCC.

It was organized by Cebu City Youth Development Commission, Office of the Mayor and Vice Mayor, Cebu City Council, Working Committee, Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS) and SK Federation in cooperation with Junior Chamber International Phils.

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