BloggerFiesta: Google Blogger's 11 Anniversary Party in Cebu

Last day of August and it was a late afternoon when the Google Blogger's 11 Anniversary Party in Cebu happened. It was held at CoffeeCat in IT Park. They didn't sponsor the event actually but their staff was just as accomodating.

There I met fellow CBS members and friends. Kuya Iggy, Ate Wil, Ate Nowieh, Angeli, Kuya Cladz. The rest followed right after it had ended: Kuya Rab, Attorney Ouano, Xerendipity.

I was also able to meet Paul Villacorta who seated right in front of me. We talked about geeky stuff like the IT industry, freelancing, his businesses, programming and some other things in between. He runs the HostingFortes and CebuClassifieds site. Actually, a great guy to work with if I had the chance. I could remember him giving free web hosting when I attended the 1st Cebu Blog Camp not too long ago.

I also was able to meet Toni Zuniga of Global Exchange. He was pitching the idea of us applying at his foundation and to attend and promote the event this coming Friday. I was really wondering why he was speaking English the whole time. Twas later I found out that he (1)Spent some time in UK and (2) He doesn't speak Cebuano which is funny because it was not only I who fell victim of presuming he understands the vernacular I was speaking but Angeli as well.

Met some bloggers for the first time like JeromeLocson, Joahna, Kristine, Aethen (a Global Exchange member too), Ken Jesryl, iBeejing, Ate Guada.

Aside from networking and building new relationships, the event was also an avenue to announce some great events like the upcoming Intel event and the party the Global X guys were talking about.

There was also the raffle of Mr. Jerome Locson for domain and web hosting good for one year. Then Paul Villacorta also offered to raffle a domain and web hosting. Kuya Iggy used to generate the results and it was verified from the benefactors themselves. Surprisingly out of luck and probably through my desperation, I won the raffle! I thank Mr. Paul for the opportunity as this will be the biggest milestone this blog has gone through after the day I was accepted at CBS. To note, Jomar won the other prize too. All this wouldn't have happened if I was able to convince Jomar to sneak away as we were very hungry already. Our joy especially mine can only be uttered with the biggest cheers from the guys. I immediately didn't miss the opportunity to have my picture taken with my signature winning look.

We had a very fun after party right next door at the Wanna Eat? Shop. Kuya Iggy scored us some great pizzas.

Happy 11th Anniversary Blogger! This party is part of the global celebration dubbed as 'Blogger Fiesta'! I will be a fan forever! is a free blogging platform by Google and has been my online home for the past 4 years now. I literally live, love and blog!


  1. AHAI! Last chance na na imo kuya2 ha!!! Hmmmmmp!


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