Plantersbank promotes SME Ethics in Speaker Series

Plantersbank, the country’s lead bank for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) once again brings the SME Speaker Series and yours truly became part of it.
manny pangilinan as guest speaker for plantersbank sme ethics talk
The bank has been touring key cities nationwide and advocating SME principles and this time invited motivational speaker businessman, Mr. Anthony N. Pangilinan. Through his dynamic, inspirational and humorous approach to business ethics, SMEs can now achieve greater productivity and long-term financial gains.
You could sum up the whole seminar with getting to know the 5 struggles SMEs face and how to solve it head on.
This year’s second leg of the SME Speaker Series was held at the City Sports Club, Cebu Business Park. It was held last August 26, 2010. It really was refreshing to note that people behind local businesses in Cebu from food, shops, travel, manufacturing and more, gathered all in one room. With that, they only have one goal in mind: to learn about cutting edge ideas for professional and personal growth.
participants of plantersbank sme ethics talk
What also made it successful was the use of Audience Response System remotes where we react to Mr. Pangilinan’s survey questions all throughout the event. It was hilarious but most importantly very insightful on what Cebu businessmen think in a collective sense.
jaysee pingkian using the audience response system remote



The talks’ theme revolves around “SME Ethics: Adding Values to your Business.”
In the previous years, a lot of businesses experienced some tough times. Even the resilient Philippines were affected in one way or another. Now that most businesses are showing signs of recovery, it makes great business sense that Plantersbank thought it best to promote good governance and instill good business values among our entrepreneurs.
Mr Pangilinan awarded by Plantersbank executives.
Photos by Kuya Iggy!


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