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Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Here are my top 10 blogs that have influenced society in one way or another. Most of them are my personal friends. I couldn't nominate all of them but I just decided to feature only those I think, like mine, needs to be promoted all the more.
Maam Mauie - She lives and breathes art and books. Two things closest to my heart. The musings of my supervisor can do every thing to soothe your conciousness. Jomar Lipon  - He talks about current events and what nots. Be updated with trending topics and what the nation has been buzzing about. Pagangka - Breaking news stories in Cebu as curated by Kuya Neil. Luis Teodoro  - His views matter. National issues are what he discusses so well. He is a professor. Lorbe - She is my friend and she makes sense. Life and everything in between is her blog's theme. Sis April Lyn -Everything cute is what my sis talks about most of the time. When you're in a mood for some fun, just head on to her blog. adventurousLei  - We are colleague-friend…

What you can do to improve your life! Part 3/4

STUGGLE # 1 was about assessing what we should stand for. Then…
STRUGGLE # 2: Align with your organization and community. Now…
STRUGGLE #3 Accept the fact even now we greatly influence those around us! Even when doing nothing you are affecting people around you. “Just try to sneeze,” Mr. Pangilinan dares us.

It all comes down to not just affecting people around you,
you should also bring them in the right direction.

His friend, an HR of one of the biggest global banks, shared a story to him. After playing golf, the man heard his son say, “This is the first time you spent time with me alone.” It nearly broke his heart.

Another friend, Anthony says, belongs to one of the richest family in the country. This friend confides to him about how his marriage is failing.

The point of all the anecdotes above is
how we manage our life
affects those around us,

especially those we care so much about.

STUGGLE # 1 was about assessing what we should stand for. 
STRUGGLE # 2: Align with your or…

What you can do to improve your life! Part 2/4

STUGGLE # 1 was about assessing what we should stand for.

STRUGGLE # 2 Align with your organization and community His uncle, Mr. Manny Pangilinan, CEO of PLDT told about his roots with the company. Mr. Manny was given a commission by the company on his second day on the job. He was able to close a very huge deal. He told his staff to take all the money on his desk and bring it back to the treasury. He claims it should belong with the company; an affable gesture indeed.

Mr. Manny was also given 60 cars for personal, family and friend’s use. He returned all but one back and says he doesn’t need the others.

Now, PLDT stands as one of the companies who underwent a great corporate transformation. From a losing one to the most profitable business there is.

“Leadership defines corporate culture,” adds Anthony.
He also says that there are times when all it takes for you to learn more is to listen to your daughter. One of the most difficult things to hear is when Ella says, “But d…

What you can do to improve your life! Part 1/4

All of us have major problems and a large chunk of it involves money and people. It takes skills and perseverance to excel in what you do. I learned a lot from Mr. Anthony Pangilinan when I was invited to cover the Plantersbank SME Speaker Series.
AS A SPEAKER Mr. Pangilinan can hold on to your interest for the rest of the afternoon. The coursework itself was well-defined and delivered exceptionally. All the information he gave was practical and we’re breaking it down later. He presented it in a manner that was effective enough to put his message across. He used learning devices like personal anecdotes, bullets, surveys, jokes, videos and basically shared everything else he knows that his sincerity to educate just emanates through.
THEME The theme was actually universal in all sense. His talk was about the five struggles businesses face and how you can solve it can be very much applied to personal life situations. Everyone can relate to this since we are in the modern society where…

Plantersbank promotes SME Ethics in Speaker Series

Plantersbank, the country’s lead bank for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) once again brings the SME Speaker Series and yours truly became part of it.

The bank has been touring key cities nationwide and advocating SME principles and this time invited motivational speaker businessman, Mr. Anthony N. Pangilinan. Through his dynamic, inspirational and humorous approach to business ethics, SMEs can now achieve greater productivity and long-term financial gains.
You could sum up the whole seminar with getting to know the 5 struggles SMEs face and how to solve it head on.
This year’s second leg of the SME Speaker Series was held at the City Sports Club, Cebu Business Park. It was held last August 26, 2010. It really was refreshing to note that people behind local businesses in Cebu from food, shops, travel, manufacturing and more, gathered all in one room. With that, they only have one goal in mind: to learn about cutting edge ideas for professional and personal growth.

What also made i…

The Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking: Everyone goes through a rough day. It was just our turn

August 23. I was at work right after school. Anything but unusual. As I was creating web pages in the office, I was oblivious to the fact that the rest of the country is glued to their TV screens as a hostage taking is aired live. Pre-empting the usual television programs that night, I could only imagine how TV execs risked earning just to feature a bus siege at the Quirino Grandstand. A national disaster that snowballed out of hand. By the time I went home, I was still innocent and dozed off.

The morning the following day, we were nothing but joyous at home with my sister as we enjoyed the Ms. Universe pageant’s slightly delayed telecast. We were ecstatic at the feat of our country's queen, Venus Raj round after round. At school, everyone was talking about it but everyone’s moods darkened as they started talking about the hostage crisis. It’s gruesome, unfortunate and I couldn't go into the morbid details of how the troubled man took the lives of innocent tourists and lost h…

Venus Raj: When Venus and Universe Combines. Controversy. Success.

She's beautiful. She's gorgeous. She's smart, respectful, respectable. Everything best found in a Filipina. She is Maria Venus Raj, 22. Sadly, she may have let nervousness got the best out of her, but our win is something ‘major’ nonetheless. There's a reason why God had not let her win the crown and I think a major part of it was to give Filipinos something to smile about after the gruesome hostage taking in Manila that took the night before pageant of Ms. Universe 2010. Hollywood actor, William Baldwin, asks her in the final Q&A "What is one big mistake that you made in your life, and what did you do to make it right?" Raj answered with a great smile, "You know what, Sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there's nothing major, major problem that I've done in my life because I'm very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I'm here. Thank you, thank you so much!" s…

Cebu Contemporary Theatre Festival 2010 Review

It was early Saturday evening when I was waiting outside the CAP Auditorium in Jones. I was waiting for friends to come. I was waiting for someone else. I am so killing the one who invented Filipino time but nonetheless I went in ahead together with some schoolmates. We attended the Cebu Contemporary Theatre Festival this year. It’s mission to make “accessible quality art reflecting all of Cebu’s diverse cultures.” With that visionary theme in mind, this dedicated to championing the expansion of the arts and preservation of the city’s heritage. August 21.Four awesome plays. One glorious evening. One Ticket. Gazillion laughs. Gazillion cries. Cebuano talent at its finest.One thing though before I shower some praises: program booklet is sold and its price was inconsistently announced, I was already seated when this girl came up to us and drove us away since apparently they were for those who paid the complementary ticket. If the audience was mature enough to keep their comments to the…

13th Aboitiz Football Cup kicks off August 29

It was a bright day in Lahug and I was roaming around the outskirts of JY trying to find Pino Restaurant! Apparently, a “habal-habal” driver overheard my conversation with a security guard and offered the ride for roughly 10 pesos. Desperate as I am, I took the offer and hopped along. To my horror, it only took seconds to arrive at the venue. Yep, just a walking distance. I felt used but nonetheless happy to help a man do a living. So I arrived at the Aboitiz Foundation Press Conference for the 2010 Football Cup after I secured a Media Invite to the event just the night before. It was my first time to be in this place and from what I know, it is owned by the Larrazabals. It has this affluent Spanish architectural feel which is very Filipino. The registration was flawless and I was inside in seconds sitting beside Ate Wil and Edcel. Angeli came after. Ms. Carol Ballesteros hosted the Media Launch in a very classy manner. It was definitely a sea of red as employees don their company j…
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RP to brighten trade with Russia: My first media launch

It was in the wee hours of the dawn was I able to stumble upon the invitation of a fellow member of Cebu Bloggers Society, Miong. It was sort of a short notice as we were asked to attend at 10 o’clock that very same day. I immediately turned off the PC and went to get the rest I could since I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world. I was covering an event for the first time as a member of the org. What’s funny though was that I’ve learned that I am quite lucky to be baptized in a very affluent way as my first event was held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. Theirs were meetups only. Could I be much more honored to be part of the new media and to be with these great folks. And these folks, I mean Ate Wilhelmina, Kuya Miong, and Kuya Iggy. They were very accommodating and entertaining at that and were very much willing to teach me the tricks and the trade of the industry. Something tells me I could learn a lot from them in the next few months or years. So I arrived at the …

Sun Cellular Mobile Internet Promos

When there's a great need to google something you learned during class or the answers to some quiz questions (provided you've passed your paper!) or when you need to check Facebook for a noteworthy comment or photo, the best way is to run like hell to the nearest internet cafe or better yet get your phone's GPRS or 3G or Wifi working!

With your Sun phone, pwede kang mag-INTERNET, anytime, anywhere!

Ang 30 minutes ay valid within 2 hours kahit paulit-ulit mag-connect!

•50/6 hours
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•1 Day Unlimited Internet 50
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Text i25 to 272

Happy Surfing!

Math and its dramas at grade school

If you fear Math more than going to jail then you are not alone. If it’s hard for you to believe Math is not on top of my list when it comes to favorite subjects but the teachers are not to blame. Trust me, they try so hard to let us understand the concepts but it’s just that I’m not a number crunching guy. If only I had some tutor or at least access to great resources on the net at a very early age then Algebra 2 wouldn’t have been a pain in the head. I could remember so well that 5th Grade Math was interesting as teachers use food to demonstrate fractions and graphs. When adding fractions, you can just begin to imagine adding one pie to another half giving you one and a half pie all to yourself. Oh, those times where you cannot wait for that bell to ring. It does make you hungry in a way. A year before that, 4th Grade Math introduced us to geometry as a springboard for Physics. You can just marvel at how educators in our government ladderized learning into bite sized pieces kids …

Some Things I didn’t know Photoshop can do

August 6 is the Cebu Provincial Charter Day and is declared as a non-working holiday. Our company maximized this time by sending interns, like me, into training and this time, we were taught the basics Graphic Arts most specifically using Photoshop CS4. I was aware that this tool is super awesome but to my delight, there still are a lot things I’ve learned that Photoshop can do and I’m yet to discover more of them in the next few months. Vince dela Calzada, head of the arts department and graphic artists Amina Balocang, Francine Palo officiated the training with lecture at the boardroom in the morning and hands-on in the aftie. In the hands on, we were asked to make a mockup with total creative freedom. I’m not here to walk you through on Photoshop tricks as there are millions of resource you can access online like PSD.tutsplus. Anyway, here are some new things I learned during the whole day seminar: When designing for web you need to set your canvas to 1600x1000, 70 pixels. For …

Credit Scores and why you should care about it

We all know what it feels to be in a situation where the hope, we hold so dear, slowly slips away. This is what millions of people have been dealing with every single day most especially those with financial woes.Money could be something great but when it strikes back it strikes just as hard. And as I’m leaving college, I am beginning to understand some grown up issues like credit repair and stuff. America is getting back on track as citizens begin to find means to fix their credit histories and get better credit scores. What are credit scores?Credit is what makes us get the best things in life that money could buy: house, car, PS3 or a loan. Credit Score. A three digit number can determine whether you can do these things and even how much it will cost you. This is an incredibly important number since this affects how much you pay for credit, insurance and other life’s necessities. You can get your credit score for a fee from credit reporting agencies. As HowStuffWorks says: Using…