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Moving on as one color. Poster for the new government.

As a new government taking shape, people are having their own set of expectations and all but we must remember that the elections are over and that we should all move on.
Support the incoming government but never too hopeful.
A Cory phenomenon is just what any politician could hope for.
It is decent of Noynoy to revive traditions as it is nothing but a respectful gesture despite his public hatred for our incumbent president. Hope he plants the seeds of reconciliation and not more divisions in the already broken Philippine politics.
He may not be perfect either but I think he will do well as promised.
The government is not the only solution. We our own solution. This dependent mentality is what makes the poor poorer.
Welcome to the new government. Sulong Pilipinas!

How to Capture a Dramatic Pet Photo

Dealing with pets for photography can be daunting a task for most. Whether for professional or casual reasons, they could be very free moving and that’s one challenge you have to deal with. Capturing moments of their interaction with each other or with the environment is the best way to photograph them. Fire up those cameras and hope this inspires you to spend time with your furry babies. Thanks to my Nokia feature phone for capturing these moments well.

When is pet photography worth the time and effort? When you love them so much and you think that you need to capture a good angle or frame them well in a scene that could tell a beautiful story, you would know the time is right.

Take, take, take and just choose later on your PC. If the pet is hyperactive, image sequence capture apps or settings could be your best friend at this point in time.

And I think this may be one of the reasons why I love taking pictures of them. Like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to…

Our quick to visit to Basilica del Sto. Niño

Cebu is always an enriching cultural experience even to locales like me. A quick trip to any block will leave me at awe with structures of great historical value. One of which is the Basilica del Sto. Niño in Cebu City where my friends and special friend and I dropped by after going to Cebu City Hall’s MICS office yesterday. We also took this opportunity to pray for whatever intentions we have and to thank Him for having us accommodated to a great IT Department to have our internship even if we are short of resources. Apparently, they prefer students who own a laptop for added efficiency. But we are glad they didn’t reject our application and instead expressed great interest in our participation to their IT projects.At the church, we lit candles and said our prayers but the overall design of the outdoor stands for the votive candles is too beautiful to ignore. At the middle is working water fountain with decent landscaping. Not too far is a wall with detailed relief structures which t…

How family picnics have evolved

Cebu is dotted with great parks all over. But families have seem to have changed the way to do picnics than just having it on a sunny day amidst fields of grass and the meadows.
The family went to have a spontaneous family gathering at my cousin’s house. My cousin from Manila had just arrived with her family for a short stay and we took it as an opportunity to celebrate the remainder of summer together. We had potluck but it was mostly theirs. June 11

Just recently, the plump mangoes in our compound have been harvested. That sweet smell and the cheerful atmosphere of the family in the compound led us to gather together in broad daylight. Farmers and sellers came by and our place seemed to have an economy of its own even just for a day. My sister took this as a photo opportunity. June 7

Weeks before that, our family went to a nearby resort to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We brought food and ate together under the moonlight, chilling as the cold sea breeze runs through. Then we had …

Talima Adventure and Water Park and why it’s an awesome place to be!

Talima Adventure and Water Park is the greatest place to tag your family or friends along when you want yourself some real splashin' good time.

This bustling sea resort at Olango Island is just a few minutes away from Mactan. It is operated and developed by The Islands Group of Companies.

The budget you would be spending on the island should be no more than Php 500 per person. That covers 100 entrance fee, 250 unlimited use of FunFlatables, 50 Food and Drinks, 100 back and forth for the boat ride! Barbeque aroma spread throughout the rocky shoreline as it was catered by Cheaverz. cool Thirsty Shakes and trendy Islands Souvenirs had set up shop too.

The moment you arrive at the Port at the back of the painfully pink Hilton Hotel, you pay for the boat ticket for P50 and once you get on the boat itself, accommodating attendants will entertain you throughout the short 15-minute trip.

Upon arriving, you are greeted with a very interesting mix of a sturdy wooden deck that you would most…