Rewritten October 19, 2014

Grew up in a sleepy town where the rustling sound of sea waves reminds you that it is just a walk away from the street. Maybe the musky scent of the open air or a splendid surprise that you'd find among the sands, there's just so much to love about our shores then. As snot-nosed kids, we would be accompanied by our parents, aunts and uncles for a day to bask and play in the sea at random weekends. This resort has been part of my Rosal clan's lifetime. I could not begin to count how many memories have been celebrated in this place. We all share the love of the beach. And I'm beyond glad to have captured some moments with these lovely and outrageous cousins of mine which now has become more likely than never since I have flown away for a better future.

These photos are actually from taken from my Nokia 3110c, a feature phone and one of the best phones I've had, which has served me and this blog for a very long time actually. Now that I've grown up into a working urban professional, I can only dream of the days where I had no problem to think about except sun burns and sand rashes.

I've had a great childhood and if I was given the chance to go back, I would do it all over again. Except the spanking parts. hehe

I encourage you to take a few seconds of your day to just close your eyes and think of good childhood times so you could better appreciate what you have become, what you can share with the youngsters of today and who you can be in the future. I have given you the gift of playful memory today it is up to you how and when you are gonna use it.


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