Introducing Pose Fashion

pose fashion

Pose Fashion is an online shop for accessories like bangles, earrings and necklace and crocheted swim wear. It is open for transaction nationwide. It caters to women who want to look good but don't want to pay a fortune for it.

My sister, Tisha, owns the online shop. It all stemmed up from her vision that all women have the right to look good and don’t have the time to go to the mall and its pricey shops and stalls. You could say that she is a self-confessed fashionista and quite good at that. She may not be the best looking image but she is the embodiment of women empowerment and I support her in this venture.

It’s cutthroat with all the competition going around but what sets her apart is how she managed her brand. She sells affordable accessories, clothes, custom shoes and swimwear but doesn’t want it to look cheap.
She wouldn’t sell anything she personally would not wear herself. Her professionalism towards her fellow sellers and her unwavering care for her customers make me look up to her all the more. I’ve been with her all throughout the business process from contacting and going to suppliers, to marketing it online, and to delivering the products on meet-ups or on couriers and I could say that she never uttered a word of discontent or complaint. She always puts her heart to what she does.

Let me show you some products of what she sells:

Rings for 80 pesos only. At the mall, this could cost around 200 at max.
 RG46 RG35 RG38

Custom made shoes for your size. Price ranges starts from P500. Here are some of the designs:
July B P820 blossom A- P 569
Candy-F P568 Jenny Autumn 2 P660

  Blouses for as much as P199 only.
SB-06 Copy of SB-02

Visit her shop at:
Copy of sticker
Pose Fashion on Facebook or at!
You could follow her Twitter at @tishashayne!
Enjoy shopping!


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