Gibo is not Gloria

“One thing that makes Atty. Gibo Teodoro stand out among the other candidates, including Sen. Gordon, is his realistic principles and platform.

A very good indication of how realistic Atty. Gibo is: He never claims nor promises to eliminate corruption in government, instead he proposes ways on how to minimize corruption.

Given the current structures in our society and our value system, it is impossible to totally eliminate corruption.

It is only possible to minimize it as Atty. Gibo also believes. Why? Because our value system permits for the predisposition for corruption not only among government officials but also in each and every one of us.

Lastly, he's the sole candidate who's running under positive campaign. No mudslinging, No bashing and blaming. Gibo introduces us into a new world of Politics. A constructive and not a destructive.

Gibo is not Marcos nor Gloria. Each has their own style of leadership. Each has their own unique character, behavior, attitude, intelligence. Simply put, they are entirely different person.[1]”

-дdrian dorshin-



Don’t you think that he's tainted by the corruption of the past GMA regime?

I don't claim to know him on a personal level. I've only seen him speak once in public, and a few times on TV.

But it must mean something that people like Ting Paterno, F. Sionil Jose, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, Bishop Oscar Cruz, etc. (people who aren't exactly fans of GMA, by the way) can vouch for his personal and professional integrity.

Heck, even people from rival parties (e.g. Erap, Cynthia Villar, Gen. Danny Lim, Adel Tamano, Enrile, Loren Legarda, Duterte, etc.) have nothing but good things to say about him. Not just competence, ha? Integrity.

Marcos was also a Bar topnotcher. GMA was the original galing at talino. Look where that got us!

And your point is? I think that the lessons from Marcos and GMA are that "galing at talino LANG" are not enough. Character counts a lot. And I believe that character is what differentiates Gibo from FM and GMA. (See #6).



“Naturally, as a communication expert, I believe that this appeals to the republican feelings of most Filipinos. Gibo Teodoro just have to communicate his vision and his prescriptions to the Filipino People and maybe, just maybe, majority of the People will forget his friendship with Gloria and make a rational assessment and choice in the polls.

And surprisingly, unlike Gloria, Teodoro shows no dictatorial tendencies. He is a true-blue democrat, the kind that looks at capabilities and capacities first rather than impose his will upon the individual. He believes in the supremacy of the individual rather than the will of One.

When asked by Carlos Celdran if he will prevent people from filing cases against his friend and supporter Gloria Arroyo, Teodoro vowed never to use the Office of the President to pressure or influence the decision of people against his predecessor. I admired his answer.”

-Patricio Mangubat-



  1. Thank you, 林60102asai_sistrunk. Let us pray for this country.


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