The First Cebu Blog Camp 2010


This morning, I attended a benchmark event that rallies up the community of bloggers here in Cebu. Clad in my semi-formal get up, I rushed into the registration table at CAP Auditorium and as it turns out, my name was yet to be searched on their computer as I RSVP’d quite a bit late, sometime before 1 am that very same day. If my buddy had not told me their was a pre-registration process, I could never imagine what would happen if I missed it.

There were booths of the event sponsors at the hall. With the goodie bag in one hand, I could already hear the fun that was sure to follow. The very bubbly first speaker was already up at the stage as I inched my way in.  After snooping from row to row finding my blogger friend, Jomar, I sat beside him as he told me I missed the fun of their first game.

First impressions?

Wow. Never knew bloggers spend a lot for their gear. Almost everyone has a DSLR camera while a few were equipped with their videocams and laptops and mostly iPhones were being sported by some. That’s what I call passion for their craft. They were tweeting/live blogging and livestreaming all over the place. We were using the #cebublogcamp hash tag. But I love how the Philippines congregated for a common cause. We had bloggers from Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Mindanao.


The line up of speakers was effin’ awesome.
  • There was Mica Rodriguez, Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Awardee. She was very slender woman oozing with a lot of energy. She spoke of the basics of blogging.
  • There was Aileen Apolo-de Jesus, Google Country Consultant for Philippines, she was speaking about Adsense.
  • Evanjohnn Mendoza talked about the basics of video blogging. He was very technical but does just fine with his innuendoes in between lines giving us giggles every now and then.
  • Ria Jose, who was there to speak for Davao Bloggers and showed us the documentations of the different activities that their organization has covered in such a little time. They were formally founded just last December.
  • Tonyo Cruz, taught us about empowering the citizens to use blogging as a tool for journalism. He was talking about the difference about the old media and how we, members of new media, influence how people consume and share information. It was very timely when he talked about the internet driven news about the recently concluded automated elections in our country.
  • Juned Sunido, of Philippine Blog Awards, Inc. taught us about blogging ethics through a story titled the Three Hairs of the Devil.
  • Hans Koch, the insightful foreign man who evangelizes optimizing blogs for search engines.
  • And who couldn’t forget Jayvee Fernandez and his awesome videos about the biodiversity in the marine life of our country? Very refreshing. It makes you wanna cry out to the world that ours is a country of natural beauty. He was quite the funny man too. See more at 

We met Janette Toral and Wilson Ng, who I’ve known to write for Sun.Star. Very successful Cebuanos. Ms. Toral looked quite different from her photo in her column but she was nonetheless very informative about social media and the video she showed us was quite an eye opener.

I know Mr. Ng who owns a chain of businesses here in SM and IT Park and in fact, we had an educational tour on his software development company, E-Sprint. He was the last speaker and he talked about Personal Branding using the success of his band as an example.

I also saw the author of, Edcel. And I saw Estan Cabigas of when he came on stage to get his prize on a contest. What I can’t forget about him is that he had a photo shoot with Illac Diaz. I also met video blogger Coy of who was featured on QTV’s QTube program.

Other details

Cebu Blog Camp team (Blog and Soul Cebu Chapter) sponsored our lunch and Brad Geiser brought Krispy Kreme. I am grateful. Nokia raffled two N97. gave 3 webhosting and domain packages. Mozilla and Microsoft gave away shirts.

But the knowledge, experience and the newfound power I had in me because of this day was just awesome.


  1. wow, you are quick!
    hope to see you more in the blogosphere.
    see yah around.

  2. Hi Jaysee. Glad that you found the talks informative. =)

    Yeah, that photo was ages ago already and should replace it on my 7th year of column writing for them.

  3. Hi Jaysee, thanks for coming to our event. I'm glad that you learned a lot from our speakers.

    oh, I'd like to correct some minor details about your post.. Brad Geiser brought the Krispy Kreme doughnuts from Manila ;). Our lunch was paid by the Cebu Blog Camp team (Blog and Soul Cebu Chapter). the event was not organized by Cebu Bloggers Society. :)

    Oh another thing, watch out for more announcements 'coz we still have LOTS of freebies to giveaway. :) I hope to see you in one of our future events for Cebu. :)

  4. @ate ngipirt: Never got involved much about blogging than now. I do plan to make it more active in events.

    @Ms. Janette: Looking forward to seeing the new you.

    @kuya yagit: Thanks. Will be rectifying the post. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the freebies! Thanks for organizing the event!

  5. Wow, fast post. Anyways, thanks for attending CBC2010! Hope you apply what you have learned in your blogging career and share them to others.

    See you around! :)

  6. Yeah so Am I.. I think I need to be more active in blogging too..


  7. hi Jaysee.. you should have introduced yourself to Ed! ehehehe

  8. @Bryan: Thank you!

    @Dokemion: You should be. The world needs us.

    @Doi: Hello and yes, I should have. Huhuhu

  9. Thanks so much for this Jaysee. Too bad we didn't get to talk much. Taga Bohol ka? oh and btw, u can delete that Chinese commment, spam na.

    Hope to see you more in Blog and Soul Movement events

  10. @Kuya Photoblogger: Parehu tang taga Cebu. Taga Velez baya you. Sayang jud we haven't talked much. Have you seen me? Hope you invite more in your events.

  11. Taga Velez pud ka? :D yeah i saw you sa event pero wa ayu ko katagad cuz well, too little time

  12. @Kuya Photoblogger: Nope but kinda saw you when I went to visit your school. I didn't really got your name. You are?

  13. Wooot! this post is waaaaaaaaaaaay informative...haha! Sorry didn't notice you there...but I love your way of being proactive! cheers!

  14. Thanks kuya! Hope I met you there!


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