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Sims 2 Sims 2
Sims 2 Sims 2

I’ve always dreamt of making movies. I come up with brilliant storylines, set it up, visualize the movie’s look and feel, editing clips together, scoring it with great tracks and then showing it off.

Only Sims 2 has provided me the platform to make my visions into reality. It gave me the chance to exploring my inner director while at the same time playing the game I love. It may take days or in some occasion a week to finish but the fulfillment I get after uploading it online is worth all the trouble.

With the machine I have, I couldn’t use Sims 3 for in-game video capturing which kills me. As of now, Sims 2 is enough and optimal.


Magical Sisters - A Sims 2 Short Film

The story surrounds two sisters living in Sims 2's beautiful Belladonna Cove with basically different tastes in fashion but shares a common habit of gossiping. After receiving a mysterious gift and phoning the Witch of Darkness to come by, these sisters have lives yet to turn around.


Lipad - Sims 2 Version - Gibo Ad

He deserved to win our votes. Read more about this video here in my blog:


Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen - Sims 2 Music Video

Don't you ever get scared you don't have that chance to say "I love you"? That is the message of Kris Allen's new single, Live Like We're Dying, a song on what could be called one of the most inspirational adult contemporary track of all time.

"If you're life flashed before you, what would you wish you would've done."

And I did all I could to give the song justice by making a music video short film machinima out of it.

I used the elements: calling the grim reaper, desert by day and night, highway, manipulating weather to cause snow on desert, and a whole lot of cinematics to push the message across that what we all have... is now.



Pyramid - Charice Pempengco - Sims 2 Music Video

"Pyramid" is the second U.S. single of Filipina pop and R&B singer Charice. I didn’t base the video on the official music vid but I just wanted shots that depicts moments frozen in time since the song spoke of deep lines of love amidst troubles.



Pleasantview- A Sims 2 Short Film

I’ve been doing movies in Sims 2 using the Pleasantview neighborhood characters for some time now. I decided to make a new one using Bon Voyage expansion game taking the families to Hawaii and China.

Pleasantview Trailer:


Pleasantview Part 1: Hawaii


Pleasantview Part 2: China


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