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Awesome Game Movies by me

I’ve always dreamt of making movies. I come up with brilliant storylines, set it up, visualize the movie’s look and feel, editing clips together, scoring it with great tracks and then showing it off. Only Sims 2 has provided me the platform to make my visions into reality. It gave me the chance to exploring my inner director while at the same time playing the game I love. It may take days or in some occasion a week to finish but the fulfillment I get after uploading it online is worth all the trouble. With the machine I have, I couldn’t use Sims 3 for in-game video capturing which kills me. As of now, Sims 2 is enough and optimal.Magical Sisters - A Sims 2 Short FilmThe story surrounds two sisters living in Sims 2's beautiful Belladonna Cove with basically different tastes in fashion but shares a common habit of gossiping. After receiving a mysterious gift and phoning the Witch of Darkness to come by, these sisters have lives yet to turn around. Lipad - Sims 2 Version - Gibo AdHe d…

Lea Salonga: The Voice Who Need No Introduction

Powerful. Legendary. Awesome. Pride. The human definition of Talent.
Just a quick search on Youtube and you’re sure to succumb into great performances video after video. She’s travelled places and accepted awards. Lea Salonga-Chien is a Filipina. 

She started working professionally here in our country at age 7. She gained international exposure a decade later, when as a teenager, landed on a role that will propel her unto the global stage.
She is a singer and actress best known for her musical role in Miss Saigon, for which she won the Olivier, Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics and Theatre World Awards, the first to win various international awards for a single role.

Introducing Pose Fashion

Pose Fashion is an online shop for accessories like bangles, earrings and necklace and crocheted swim wear. It is open for transaction nationwide. It caters to women who want to look good but don't want to pay a fortune for it.

My sister, Tisha, owns the online shop. It all stemmed up from her vision that all women have the right to look good and don’t have the time to go to the mall and its pricey shops and stalls. You could say that she is a self-confessed fashionista and quite good at that. She may not be the best looking image but she is the embodiment of women empowerment and I support her in this venture.

It’s cutthroat with all the competition going around but what sets her apart is how she managed her brand. She sells affordable accessories, clothes, custom shoes and swimwear but doesn’t want it to look cheap.
She wouldn’t sell anything she personally would not wear herself. Her professionalism towards her fellow sellers and her unwavering care for her customers make me…

The First Cebu Blog Camp 2010

This morning, I attended a benchmark event that rallies up the community of bloggers here in Cebu. Clad in my semi-formal get up, I rushed into the registration table at CAP Auditorium and as it turns out, my name was yet to be searched on their computer as I RSVP’d quite a bit late, sometime before 1 am that very same day. If my buddy had not told me their was a pre-registration process, I could never imagine what would happen if I missed it.

There were booths of the event sponsors at the hall. With the goodie bag in one hand, I could already hear the fun that was sure to follow. The very bubbly first speaker was already up at the stage as I inched my way in.  After snooping from row to row finding my blogger friend, Jomar, I sat beside him as he told me I missed the fun of their first game.

Cebu Blog Camp 2010

I am joining Cebu Blog Camp 2010! The Cebu Blog Camp 2010
is co-presented by

Illac Diaz: My New Social Leader Idol

PMThe first time I saw him was on The Bottomline with Boy Abunda last night. And how I fell for Gibo Teodoro was how he presented himself amid the frontal interrogations on his character, his life and his intentions. What is it with articulate and good looking men that makes them so underappreciated in this country? He had a very long impressive list of achievements to the point he was asked the biggest question that night: Does he feel jealous that the world celebrated Efren Penaflorida more than him?

He calls himself a "social entrepreneur." What’s that?
A social entrepreneur, simply put, is a businessman who gives back to society through his business while in the process of operation.

His major achievements include:

Pier One,  a lodging place for Filipino seafarers located in Intramuros, Manila. With this project, Illac essentially provided good lodging for Filipino seafarers and overseas contract workers. Previously, these same contract workers would just check in t…

Funniest Parody of the 2010 PH Presidentiables

Saw this viral pic on Facebook and I laughed so hard my tummy ached. I am thankful to the one who made this for making my day and a million others' as well. And this digital artwork depicts reconciliation to the weirdest of ways. It’s beyond comedic and a manifestation that Filipinos never thrive in war but in love and laugh alone.

“Our country must confront a lot of problems that needs a leader with experience, a leader willing to set aside all differences and genuinely reconcileto solve our difficulties and take advantage of opportunities facing the country.” - GIBO TEODORO -

Gibo’s edge over the other contenders

“They want genuine change.
How can you have a genuine change when you do not have a road map or a platform?
How can you have genuine change if you sow the seeds of division now?
How can you reconcile when right now you are attacking people?
After you prosper, you expect the person to make up with you just because you say so. I don't think so.
We must start now on the road to genuine change and reform.” - Gibo Teodoro -
Teodoro plans to improve the quality of education, build infrastructures and give free medicines particularly to the poorest of the poor.
“We deserve good international standing because we are good Filipinos, not because we are mendicants to the rest of the world. We deserve food security. We need to capacitate our local governments to give basic services to our people. We need a sustainable and principled peace based on the rule of law in each and every part of the country.” “Perhaps I am going to be elected for, if not to make this country better. It is not for ou…


Rewritten October 19, 2014

Grew up in a sleepy town where the rustling sound of sea waves reminds you that it is just a walk away from the street. Maybe the musky scent of the open air or a splendid surprise that you'd find among the sands, there's just so much to love about our shores then. As snot-nosed kids, we would be accompanied by our parents, aunts and uncles for a day to bask and play in the sea at random weekends. This resort has been part of my Rosal clan's lifetime. I could not begin to count how many memories have been celebrated in this place. We all share the love of the beach. And I'm beyond glad to have captured some moments with these lovely and outrageous cousins of mine which now has become more likely than never since I have flown away for a better future.

These photos are actually from taken from my Nokia 3110c, a feature phone and one of the best phones I've had, which has served me and this blog for a very long time actually. Now that I'…

Happy Birthday Praky

Last April 24, 2010 my high school CAT buddies were invited to another beach outing this summer and this time, it was to celebrate the birthday of our friend, Madonna. She tagged along some other friends too. It was a very great day despite the heat that’s oh so grilling. And I've realized that I haven’t been in Blue Reef (Lapu-lapu City) for a very long time and it surprises me that nothing much has changed. It is still beautiful anyways.

But who couldn’t forget the egg tradition. Prior to arriving, we planned to bring along raw eggs to smash into her. Where did that tradition come from? But anyway, what she thought would just be another picture taken by me was actually the cue for taking our greeting a level higher. I’ve taken thousands of picture but this is my most favorite ever.

The hotel is fronted with a small beachside water park, with concrete water slides, hammocks and swings over the water, and many "cottages" (roofed tables, a few with cooking grills) on con…

Gibo is not Gloria

“One thing that makes Atty. Gibo Teodoro stand out among the other candidates, including Sen. Gordon, is his realistic principles and platform. A very good indication of how realistic Atty. Gibo is: He never claims nor promises to eliminate corruption in government, instead he proposes ways on how to minimize corruption. Given the current structures in our society and our value system, it is impossible to totally eliminate corruption.It is only possible to minimize it as Atty. Gibo also believes. Why? Because our value system permits for the predisposition for corruption not only among government officials but also in each and every one of us. Lastly, he's the sole candidate who's running under positive campaign. No mudslinging, No bashing and blaming. Gibo introduces us into a new world of Politics. A constructive and not a destructive. Gibo is not Marcos nor Gloria. Each has their own style of leadership. Each has their own unique character, behavior, attitude, intelligence.…

Looking back on the Arroyo Administration

I have no plans of demonizing her because the media and the childish presidentiables have pretty much covered that. What I’m gonna share right now is what our next president, come May 10, has to beat.“With positive economic figures to boast of
Despite the tumultuous events through your 9 years
For your presidency not to “invariably end in a bust”
Unlike those of the presidents before you
Unlike the Marcos regime that collapsed in an economic crisis
Unlike that of the Aquino administration that ended with a power crisis
Unlike Ramos who stepped down from office
Battered by the Asian financial crisis, though not of his making
Unlike the Estrada government that was toppled due to political crisis” [1]EconomyNew York-based think tank, GlobalSource Partners, asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo about her economic legacy.GS:Some critics have given you a failing mark based on the promises you made in past State of the Nation Addresses, especially in terms of job creation, education for al…