Why Vote For Gibo?

gibo teodoro galing talino Gilberto Gibo Teodoro is a great man and to judge him based on the party he represents is just unfair that is why you could really see the amount of effort he exerts to redeem himself. The man has the brain of his own and he is definitely better than anybody else. He can prove that positive politics could really reign in the country where trapo officials are given more favor by the media.

Reasons to vote for him

gibo teodoro portrait gilberto 1. Great background. Yes, he may have been unknown in the past but if you use your resources to know more about him will know that he is a board topnotcher, licensed commercial pilot, had his Masters in Harvard, a congressman before he served as National Disaster Coordinating Council head and secretary of one of the toughest sector in our government, the National Defense.
2. He doesn’t trash his opponents though he has every right to. I mean, media won’t report much of you if you don’t create much conflict. How else have other candidates shoot themselves up to popularity but by throwing anti-GMA sentiments? Gibo is a much better man than that. And if you are concerned if he lets Gloria get a free pass he claims that all citizens have a right to due process. 
3. Change we believe in (but only much that is needed). Forgive me if I say this but ignorance is an epidemic here in our country. You have to understand and realize that a president should be someone who can resolve current issues as well as maintain current platforms that are successful. You can’t just run in the hopes that you will bring an entire change. We can’t just do that every 6 years. The Arroyo administration, for all its faults, has managed to keep the economy afloat even during this difficult times and that is something the world looks up at us. We need a man like him who is sensible enough to know what he’s talking about as well as make judgments that would be for the common good. You will notice this on the videos below.
4. We are smart voters. I read a comment on the blog that has stuck on my mind with all its frankness, “See, that’s the problem with many Pinoys - ignorance and the refusal to be informed… in short, closed-mindedness. And it’s a pity because we have a wealth of information through blogs and websites so that we may make an informed choice. But because we are closed-minded, we are letting this opportunity to become informed voters go to waste.”
I heard this time and again that you must vote for what you believe in and you feel is right, not who is popular. Those who made Erap’s presidency a reality could just lock themselves up till the election’s over. It’s about time we rise above petty politics.
Competence and Experience.
Courage and Integrity.
Eloquence and Substance.
Forward-looking vision.
Cooperative Spirit.


These are the videos that I hope will help you either change your mind to support Gilberto Teodoro in the upcoming Philippine Elections come 2010 or to strengthen your decision in backing him up.

Why Gibo Teodoro? – Youtube
60 Second Fan Made Ad

Juan on 1 – Youtube
ABS-CBN TV Patrol’s segment

Gibo Teodoro on Eleksyon 2010 Isang Tanong – Youtube
GMA’s Presidential Forum

Watch Gibo and other candidates in Harapan 2010
ANC Presidential Forum

Gibo cooks with Jessica Soho – Youtube

Gibo on Al Jazeeera English – Youtube
He answers about the criticisms against NDCC. This is to those who think he can’t man up. Watch and see his brilliance shine despite the frontal attacks made by an international journalist.
[photos by johncarlomasajo ]

Would you vote for him?


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    def. vote for him. he's the best choice there is.

  2. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I really loved what you said here. I am also supporting Gibo. I'll share this link if it's okay. Thanks :)

  3. Of course. My whole family will be voting for GILBERT TEODORO. He is the most qualified presidential candidate.

    He is the best choice!

  4. @Yellow Plum: Good for you. I still have a close who I can't convert. But anyway, I believe in him and it's all that matters. What happens next is how the Philippines will decide. Will they be smart enough? I don't think so.

  5. i will surely cast my vote on him...thanks...

  6. we do not expect for a smart decision from them (Filipinos) but what matters most is I or we will do what is right for our county and we will vote for the right person. whoever wins, we could be of help through prayer that he must perform his job well.

    i believe, the right decision is to vote for the person who has the capability of becoming a good leader and a good example and he is no other than GILBERTO "GIBO TEODORO". he always acts and talks professionally and that is the reason why he is being admired.

    try to assess the interviews, ads, and campaigns made by him... what do you observe???
    what makes him different from other candidate???
    is he not qualified enough to rule our country???

  7. People occasionally ask me, "why Gibo, he'll never win?" As of now, I believe Gibo is the most trustworthy presidential candidate among his rivals. It's okay to me if he doesn't win, what matters most to me is that; I get to vote the person I believe would make a better future for our country, and that no amount of money could ever buy my vote.

  8. Go for G1BO!! :D


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