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My poster promoting my blog using Photoshop CS3

When I get bored, I play with my photos and I came with this idea of editing this really great shot I got from a recent outing with my C.A.T. high school friends.
What do you think?

What my dad could make out from straws and bottle cap

With all this save the world thing going on, and with an art-inclined adorable nephew (in the photo) that appreciates almost everything, I have to give credit to my dad for making a toy car from straws and bottle cap. What can you make out from random everyday items?

My Favorite Facebook Games Screenshots and Notes

5.b Country Story. The first time you visit a friend, you get make a wish and as each day passes you get to recieve free gifts and animation is snappy and gameplay is well so better than Farmville or Farmtown’s.

Resilience of Philippine Economy and What It Means To All Of Us

To the well-formed you might have known about the global financial crisis that started in the United States last year.

You might have known that every day thousands and thousands of American jobs are lost with a lot of businesses closing; that didn’t even spare world’s top companies like Intel, Microsoft, BMW, etc.

It is a sad, cold fact that the world is not on the right track.

News in the US reports nothing but:
millions of people who have lost their job and fresh graduates who can’t find one, businesses going on extreme austerity measures, how Obama is doing with the stimulus package, and people losing their cars and homes because they could no longer afford to pay mortgage. “People have been hurt, the poor suffers more than the rich.”
But a few months ago, our country, the Philippines, received an upgrade of our credit rating, citing the resilience of our economy.

“The state of our nation is a strong economy.”
The strong economy is the reason:
why we now own a beautiful h…

Miggy and his art | Sofa + 4 year old = messy living room [PHOTO]

Apparently, our main sofa had been doodled by my very artistic nephew who, with so many paper and notebook  around, chose to make our leather seats as a canvass. Up to this moment, were sticking to turning it upside down when guests come. Anyway, here’s another shot of how he displays his works on the fridge.What’s the craziest thing you did as a kid?

TV Shows Worth Watching this Fall [VIDEO]

Desperate Housewives kicks off the new season with the theme "Armed and Desperate". Awesome motion graphics utilizing the lead girl’s photos. All while Shakira’s “She Wolf” plays on the background.Disaster Date - MTV Shows MTV will feature a new show called Disaster Date where you get to control the blind date of your best friend the worst that it could be. Trash TV? Not this time.Note: You need to click on the “Show in Original Post” if you’re viewing this from Facebook.

Russia’s 2008 Official Entry to Eurovision Song Competition “Believe” [VIDEO]

Believe is sung by Dima Bilan for Europe’s biggest TV event dubbed “Eurovision” which has been around for quite some time and I will be forever grateful to Google for letting me stumble through their official Youtube and homepage. (To note, Eurovision is so way better than American Idol.)
When I watched Believe’s official video, I was stunned on how well the lyrics spoke to me and why this song bested 75 European countries.
Click on the single art to watch the video.