Even The Angels Think “What The Hell?” | The Worst Situations Are Happening in the World | Where Do You Stand | Part 1

ARE YOU MAD? You should be.

What is happening with the world?

DUI. People are driving under the influence, they’re planning to legalize marijuana, and there’s this spark about the minimum legal drinking age.

Piracy. We are downloading music and software illegally or buying pirated ones.

Animal Abuse. People start eating dogs, cats, whales and rabbits. How could you even dare to do that? Or maybe involve them in carnage like underground dog fighting or gruesome bull and dog fighting. What happened to racing them?

Kidnapping, car napping, people are grabbing whatever they can.

Media. Media biased and brainwashing everyone, dictating us what to know and giving us all the reasons to spread hatred on almost everything; and then they bitch about censorship which I think is good because media like anything else needs responsibility. Watch the news and judge for yourself.

tnyh copy by redbullfan13.
art by redbullfan13

Smoking and Drugs. People are smoking either to look cool or for health reasons. Smoking has been proven to improve your chances of getting lung cancer and other death-inducing diseases. Drugs, on the other hand, increase the possibility among men and women having irreversible brain damage and organ failures.

expecting an angel
photo by treyevan

Abortion. People are into killing babies and call it a woman’s power to choose. That doesn’t sound like it justifies pulling an unborn child forcibly out or popping a pill that would agonizingly dissolve him or her. Nipping in the bud is only done to flowers. The greatest pain to bear comes from those who couldn’t live enough to tell about it. No matter what you believe in, don’t you think it is unfair you took the chance for your child to live while you continue to waste yours? Why should yours be any better?

Where do you stand on these issues?


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