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High School Scrapbook Slideshow | HSM 3 Theme

Chronicling Jaysee Pingkian’s High School Life in St. Louis School of Mandaue. I am now currently a 3rd Year BS-IT student in AMA.
“There are times when you just get down, you feel like nobody likes you. We're in high school forever. It's just what we do with it.”
-J. Russell Lynes-

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Yahoo! Mail and Homepage: Cleaner Faster and Definitely Better

This is not to say that I’m not a Google fan which I am for Picasa, Blogger, Earth, Chrome and Adsense. But when it comes to my email and homepage I gotta give the props to Yahoo. They have made a huge overhaul to their main services which I think is very threatened these days. Their aim of making every pixel worth it has really paid off big time.I’m not gonna tell you what to expect since I want you to have the pleasure of discovering them yourself. I’ve never been so excited for a world class web app.To see changes on mail:See the new homepage:

God Bless Bianca Manalo | Ms. Universe is place for a Filipina Beauty to shine

Well to keep it short, she is an advertising graduate who turn out to be a flight attendant. Little did she know the ramp she is flaunt on is not the plane’s aisle anymore. She looks great and very Filipina and like her predecessors, she will do just fine.

The Fray’s Heartless Totally Rocks

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.I am a fan of Kanye’s song and I could name of mine who feels the same and how The Fray covered the song was so beautiful there is no way I could compare it to the original because it is in it’s own right very originally sounding. Well, almost. I heard Kris Allen’s version first. Anyway, the video is a total genius with doodles coming to life like the Coke commercial I’ve seen not too long ago. I also dedicate this song to a close friend of mine who just keeps shutting a guy out and shaming him in front of us. Yup, she’s totally heartless.

The Best Thing You Could Do To Your Photos

…is to reinvent them into something new. Using Photoshop CS3 filters and Fireworks, you could turn your great mobile phone photos into the greatest things you could share to friends like these. If you ask me how to do them, I’m not gonna tell you here since there are a lot of resources and tutorials online made by people far greater than I. It’s funny to note that the things you can’t Google gets smaller exponentially. Note: Click to enlarge.Vintage Book PagesBefore: Comic StripBefore:Event PosterBefore: PaintingBefore: Book CoverBefore: Truck Vinyl Art DecalsBefore: Album ArtBefore: Sims 3 Fan ArtBefore:

GoodTimesManila: Philippines’ very own The Onion

When you feel so down after someone has slapped you, you can always look on the internet that makes you so happy you’ll forget reality. From eye popping headlines to crazy posts, is definitely a news parody that may equal the caliber of America’s The Onion. And as a tribute I designed a logo just for them.To give you a feel, here are some snippets from the blog:Nation apologizes to Willie for misunderstood Cory remarkA regretful nation today apologized to Wowowie host Willie Revillame for misinterpreting what everyone initially thought was an arrogant order to stop the live feed of Cory Aquino’s funeral procession on his show.“We’re very sorry, Papi,” people from all walks of life said, as they expressed regret that they had hurt the beloved TV host terribly.Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos – a crowd bigger than those who joined the Aquino procession – lined the streets of Metro Manila to beg for Revillame’s forgivenessSWS: Pacquiao redefines Pinoy concept of be…

Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Talkasia Transcript Part 3

 Part 1 and 2.

VP: Of great international interest is the Philippines role in the war on terrorism. 
In the past the Philippines has been criticized for being a kind of weak link in the region. How distracting is the current crisis to your plans, to deny the Philippines as a haven for terrorists?
GA: I don't think we're a weak link; we have been in fact praised for our gains in the war against terrorism.

President Bush, in his address at the US National Defense University, included the Philippines in a short list of countries that had been very, very good partners in the war against terrorism. We have neutralized most of the terrorists, the remnants of the Jemaah Islamiah and Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines are just, you know they're just...really quite decimated.

And our intelligence is very good, and we really have put in jail and convicted many of the known terrorists or neutralized them or they've gotten killed in battles. So we have a very good alliance with our neigh…

Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Talkasia Transcript Part 2

 Part 1 here

VP: The military, Madam President, has been incredibly important in times of change in the Philippines. Are you concerned that the generals might come out of the barracks again?
GA: I don't think so Veronica. The military is very constitutionalist and I have my faith in them and in the cooler heads of the people.

That no matter how unhappy they may be about the prevailing situation, that they will...they will not take things into their own hands the way it happened in EDSA I and even in EDSA II.

You know, EDSA I was celebrated by the world, but it was followed by nine coups d'etat, so it did not really strengthen our political system. EDSA II was just tolerated by the world, and look at what's happening to me now four years after EDSA II.

The world will not tolerate EDSA III, and neither will the people want to have another EDSA III, and neither will the military want to have another EDSA III. So I have faith in the military's adherence to the constitution …

What I Think Of…

Got so bored, decided to create the world’s most inspirational blog post. Read on. React. Whatever.Love… an excuse for being alive.Life… timetable that determines where we stay for all eternity.Thieves… thinks poverty justifies their acts.Plants… hair of the Earth.[What I Think Of] what makes you stupid, brain comes first.why a Bicycle needs you… it’s two-tiredAbility… can take you to the top but Character keeps you there.Computer… can beat you in chess but not in kick boxing.Eve… had a perfect marriage. She didn’t have to hear how Adam’s mother cooked.Cigarettes… fire on one end, fool on the other end.Conclusions… a statement when you’re tired.Age… something that makes you rich but look poor.Parties… where people gather and act like teenagers.You… thinking of Kjunstorm, ARTS, striatic,

Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Talkasia Transcript Part 1

Looking back
Airdate: August 6th, 2005
VP: Veronica Pedrosa
GA: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

VP: We're in Malacanang Palace for a very special edition of TalkAsia. We're joined by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

It's been a trying two months for the embattled president. 

Mrs. Arroyo has faced mass demonstrations calling for her resignation.

And in the political arena, opponents have filed impeachment charges.

At the heart of crisis, the release of wiretapped conversations she had last year with an election official. A female voice that sounds like Mrs. Arroyo's asks if her margin of victory can be maintained. The tapes are notorious -- turning up everywhere. There was even a ring tone remix from the recordings.

The widow of her opponent gave a voice to the rising public anger. The tape scandal came on top of long running allegations against Mrs. Arroyo's relatives and husband -- that that received kickbacks linked to illegal gambling. So far, protests hav…

How well do you know your computer usage? Meet Wakoopa

Wakoopa is a social network (yup, you can add friends and meet other people).Discover the best software, games and web apps on the market. It creates your online software profile that you can share with friends and the world, also through widgets. Wakoopa keeps you updated about what your contacts are using.It sends you smart recommendations. Your profile:Note: click to enlarge pic. My profile. My software badge:

Jaysee Pingkian and Co.’s report slides for CSCI 06: Computer Organization, Architecture and Assembly Language

Humans can now re-grow fingers, How Brainwashing works and what the hell ‘oxymoron’ means |’s best articles

Humans can now re-grow fingersWhen a hobby-store owner in Cincinnati sliced off his fingertip in 2005 while showing a customer why the motor on his model plane was dangerous, he went to the emergency room without the missing tip. He couldn't find it anywhere. Months later, he had regrown it, tissue, nerves, skin, fingernail and all.  Read more how.How brainwashing worksThe brainwasher must have complete control over the target  so that sleep patterns, eating, using the bathroom and the fulfillment of other basic human needs depend on the will of the agent. Learn more.What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jumped into it?You would oscillate back and forth like this forever. Read more.What is an oxymoron?An oxymoron is a combination of words that contradict each other. Here are some of our favorites. virtual reality original copy old news act naturallypretty ugly living dead Learn more ‘oxymoron’ What the hell are palindromes?Palindromes are word…

Weird facts About Me Part 3

Did you know that...
I have a Myspace Account with mostly celebrities as friends.I make Sims2movies.I dream of becoming a filmmaker.Loves the beach sooo much.Loves sing-along with friends or with family. Apparently it’s something I’m not really good at.I have hidden funny weird graduation pics from high school.Loves Indian mango so much that I decided to bring some to my friends.Is an obvious fan of Lost and HSM.I am a prankster.My Firefox theme is customized to splash my face on it.Weird Facts About Me Part 1Weird Facts About Me Part 2Weird Facts About Me Part 3

“Energy Giant” A Great Foreign Commercial

This could possibly be one of the best commercials with Earth splashed all over it. A refreshing way to see renewable energy in action Disney way.From Jung von Matt Advertising Agency in Elbe, Hamburg

Have you seen the latest Phil. Ad. Congress TV Spot?

A dark tale about a Spanish-era circus encloses this year’s Phil Advertising Congress’ high quality TV spot. But like everyone else, I was in great awe and curious. So I Googled it and found out that the commercial was actually just a trailer to a series of films dubbed “Perspective.” Each film focuses on the side of the story of one character: The Assistant, The Stagehand, The Magician and the Date. Who killed who?  Each perspective is intriguing and adds more layers to the story as we dig deep down. If only Pinoy movies and TV shows were of this caliber we wouldn't have to settle to being fans of Hollywood. But what the heck. Watch on.

Weird facts about me Part 2

Did you know that...

I was caught for jaywalking in Colon with Dada and Jessa.The first actor I came up close and personal was Baron Geislerwhen I was in first year high school.I have a slight fear of heights when we were hiking in the new Mactan Bridge as family years back.Recieved cake from a friend as a piece offering for the misunderstanding within the Angels.Became crazy and worked full-time last year while being a full-time college student.Blacked out from Tanduay with my cousins.The back of my head is flat.Loves free reading in National Bookstore.Loves to take funnysurveillancevideos.Plays music and radio while taking a bath and riding on the jeepney.Weird Facts About Me Part 1Weird Facts About Me Part 2Weird Facts About Me Part 3