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Charice Pempengco’s official site rates fair on web design

Charice Pempengco has been making waves on the international music stages after her debut at the Oprah Winfrey Show and what better way to promote her even more is to brand her with a professional official site. Web Site’s ThemeThe sites over-all theme was dreamy blue. Something that relates that dreams do come true. It wasn’t very catchy at all. Why? She is already realizing her dream. They should have come up with something more powerful to complement her amazing and equally powerful talent.Charice LogoI love it. With the butterfly accent and the sexy typeface they all just coincide the site’s design.Site’s Music PlayerCharice Pempengco’s first international single titled “Note to God” broke into the and iTunes music charts hours after the world saw her sang it on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” They had it embedded on the site’s header. BUT it is the only song you could hear and it’s not even the full version. When you scroll down you have to buy her songs at iTunes. Duh. I we…

Strengthening Philippine Economy

Which of the Philippines’ most recent presidents succeeded in strengthening the economy and has the chance of having his or her economic legacy appreciated by future generations?[1]

It’s not the lawyer.
Not the housewife.
Nor the general.
Definitely not the actor.
But the short economist.

President Gloria Arroyo, is the winner according to economists from the University of Asia and the Pacific in a briefing held in Baguio City last May 14th.

Inflation Rate - The annual rate of change or year-on-year change in the Consumer Price Index. (National Statistics Office) or in other words:
The inflation rate is the increase in prices for a basket of goods and services expressed on a yearly basis. Put simply, if the basket costs $100 in year 1 and $104 in year 2, the inflation rate is 4%. [6]
Buying power - Purchasing power is the amount of value of a goods or services compared to the amount paid with a currency.
The value of money, as measured by the quantity and quality of products and serv…

10 Great Web Apps that start with “W” | Best of the Web: Wakoopa, Woopra, Wildscreen, Wixi, Wadja, Wibiya, Web Analytics

If you are internet savvy like me then you better check out the best of the web starting with “W.” Why? W stands for We, Web, Web 2.0. From web analytics to video and media storage, we’ve got it all covered.10. – The future Youtube and TV. The new source for watching and sharing videos in HD-Quality. 9. - WebAppers is a blog dedicated to share top quality open source resources for web developer and web designer daily. As a web designer, you’ll find some of the best free icons, stock photos, brushes, fonts and design inspirations. As a web developer, you’ll also find some of the best Javascript and Ajax components like modal windows, menus, galleries, tooltips, charts, calendars plugins and a lot more.8. enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars. Our …

NBN Channel: Philippines’ Epitome of Positivity in Broadcast and Journalism unlike Top Trash Newscasts

With our major media networks seemingly disregarding government affairs and focuses on reporting bad news and getting the side of the tactless Opposition and the feeling know it all activists, it is indeed comforting to know that one network delivers its message of being the “The Information Channel” in a very positive way. They educate the mass of what is the government doing despite all the bad publicity highlighted on today’s trash top news casts. That’s TV-4 in Manila, and TV-11 in Cebu. For more info. I was googling it stumbled upon this forum and here are what people has to say:Sir Hodge:Kung gusto niyo makapanood ng mga good news about economy at makita ang iba't ibang programa na magbibigay inspirasyon sa inyo na tumulong sa pag-unlad, watch this channelang maganda kasi sa NBN, mas binibigyan ng exposure ang mga programa ng gobyerno... ang ch2 at ch7 mas gusto i-cover, patayan, rape, rallies... mas focused sa negatibo, gusto nila mga sensational... kaya mga sentimyento ng…

What the Palace has to say about the Charter Change - Executive Secretary Ermita Press Briefing

ANC Leadership Forum Leg 2 | Countdown to 2010: Erap, Legarda, Fernando, Binay Open Forum

The Leg 2 of the Countdown to 2010: An ANC Leadership Forum aired on ABS-CBN and its sister channel Studio 23 only to feature another set of controversial personalities who expressed their intentions of taking part on the caucuses come 2010 Elections. Read the first leg of the forum here.Moving on, I’m gonna blab about the open forum. Forum Question No. 1The question was, “The Supreme Court (SC) is now the battle ground of the controversial constituent assembly, should you become president you will have the chance to appoint two justices in the SC in the year 2010. Apart from the competence, what is the most important quality of the SC justice and why?”Erap, self-serving as the rest of them, answered, “When I was president” Don’t get me started. When he was president, this happened. “I was very careful in choosing justices. When I was president, I never talked to any justices of the SC.” Maybe because he has nothing intellectual to talk about.Bayani Fernando, repeated competence whic…

Leash | Story of a couple facing foreclosure for walking dog without leash

What do you do if you’re fined a $1000 for walking his dog without a leash?You could pay the fine and put a leash next time. Or you could wage war and videotape other dogs without leashes.Robert “Bob” Wirth Jr. did the latter. I saw this story on Inside Edition and what seems like a comparatively small violation has magnified into a prolonged court battle that he claims has cost him more than $150,000 in fines, penalties and legal fees. I mean if I were to weigh I could’ve just stuck to paying and sucking it up.And now, Bob has been at war with his neighbors ever since he was fined for refusing to walk his dog Cole on a leash, a violation of the bylaws of the River Watch Homeowners Association outside Tampa, Florida. The homeowners association is suing to foreclose on the house he and his wife Sandra have lived in for 10 years. "Why not just put Cole on a leash?" asks Inside Edition's Megan Alexander. "No one else has to, why should I?" says Bob. That phrase al…

Because It’s Never Too Late | 54-year-old mom is Region XII’s oldest high school student

Among the pineapple farms in South Cotabato, a shy 54-year-old mother walked on the way to the principal’s office of a secondary school not to attend some matters regarding her youngest son but to enroll herself.Rosa Saling-Gagnao, lovingly called as “Nanay Rosa,” is the oldest among the 800,000 public school students, both in elementary and high school, in Region XII.Because of busy enrollment, the school principal worried Nanay Rosa as it was the first time she got inside the principal’s office after 36 years. After that talk, Nanay Rosa would be striding the fields each day to school, not to fetch her kids, but as a fourth-year student again.Nanay Rosa arrived at a decision to drop her work as an active barangay health worker to attend to her classes, which she had missed in her younger years due to poverty.She said she asked her farmer husband if she could go back to school and attend to her unfinished secondary school studies after she quit school in 1973. Supportive, her husban…

Happy Father’s Day

My brother and I celebrated Father’s day together. In the morning we finished painting some parts of our house and my dad was pleased about it so he treated us out for a boys day out. First we stopped by at a stall by the street not far from where we lived and drank coconut refreshments while talking about what happened to his fighting cocks after he sold them. Sadly they lost. Then we got our haircuts at Barbers 2000 and watched the movie Apocalypto on the screen. Then we went out to buy me a new pair of shoes for my first day of classes tomorrow and my brother asked for a silver bracelet. We even took our picture inside the mall. Then grocery shopping and went to our family’s favorite barbecue place, The Larsians in Consolacion. We had a great time with dad telling us stories from his college years over beer. On the way home, we talked about a more serious matter, the future of work world. I learned a lot from him and he told us to never be ashamed of losing at school because it co…

When kids beat you in Chess | 6-year-old Pinoy wins big in Vegas chess tilt

It has been a awhile since I played Chess and I’m pretty much a sucker at it lately. But if there is one thing that Chess could teach you so well no other games could it is to master the art of war. Now, imagine teaching that to a 6-year-old.Stephen Rome Pangilinan, a six-year-old learned just that and he emerged as the overall champion in his division in the recently concluded Las Vegas International Chess Festival.When asked why he became triumphant, he said: “Kasi po ginamit ko yung pamatay kong opening.”The young chess player added that he dreams of playing against “People’s Champ” Manny Pacquiao when he gets back to the country.If he works hard enough maybe he’ll be the next Wesley So, a Filipino who reached grandmaster status at the age of 14 and became the seventh youngest person to achieve the title.But as Hopeyj of comically says: “People who are good at chess are considered very smart. I think that this is because they have figured out a way to make a lot of mone…

‘I won because of you’ | Filipina is 10-Ball Pool World Champion | Rubilen Amit

Tensely silent room deafens Amit as she sank the final ball. It did. She knelt in triumph, got up, and hugged opponent Liu Shin Mei Liu and shook hands as confetti and cheers fell on them and the respect that went it. She had just become the first 10-ball champion ever in the event, which was a recent addition to the sport.Philippines’ Rubilen Amit ruled the 2009 Women’s World 10-Ball Championship at The Block of the SM North Edsa. She is a living testament to the capabilities not only of Filipinos but of all the women in general. In a world once ruled by men, women have the A-game just the same. Amit dedicates her triumph to her parents, patron Puyat Sports, and her “Tito Tolits” who recently passed away:“Maraming salamat po, kayo ang ang nagpanalo sa akin (Thank you very much. I won because of you),” “I didn’t expect to win. I only realized I won when I sank the final ball,” said Amit, a three-time Southeast Asian Games gold medalist.Now she’s $20,000 richer (that’s ne…

Everything you need to know about Cha cha | House Resolution No. 1109 | Con Con and Con Ass

Loaf of Bread | Story of a shop owner took pity on an armed robber by giving him a loaf of bread after the man burst into tears while trying to steal food.

Great Samaritans still do surface especially in these times of great need. I have nothing but praises for the owner of a store in New York in this heart-warming news story. It all started when Mr. Mohammad Sohail moved to the United States from Pakistan about 20 years ago. And shortly after midnight on May 21,  he was getting ready to close his store when the man in his 40s entered with a bat in his hand. The robber demanded cash.Sohail tried to stall for a moment and then grabbed a rifle he keeps behind the counter and ordered the assailant to drop the bat. The would-be thief dropped to his knees and begged for forgiveness, Sohail added. The robber cried, "I have no money. I have no food. I have no job. I have to take care of my family."And then, he says, found himself overcome with compassion saying, “I felt bad for him. I mean, this wasn't some kid.” He gave the armed robber a loaf of bread and $40."This was a grown man, crying like a baby," Sohail said.The …

ABC “House” Campaign Rocks!

Although here in the Philippines, you couldn’t subscribe to US-ABC channel with any cable provider that I know of, ABC was never a stranger to us either. Almost all of my favorite shows reside at ABC. And I used the term “reside” with their recent campaign dubbed “ABC house.” From what I could remember they were telling viewers “start here.” Now, they have stated what “here” actually is. They jammed up all their biggest stars in a series of great promos to make us all feel right at home. To get what I mean, watch this. The Boy Who Didn’t Like RaisinsSally Field of “Brothers & Sisters” reads a bedtime story to Jimmy Kimmel.You’re so dead.Patrick Dempsey plays foosball with Courtney Cox and Dominic Monaghan.Island”Lost” Matthew Fox freaking out when Teri Hatcher of “Desperate Housewives” uses the word “island.” WomanizerJorge Garcia of “Lost” dancing to Womanizer with Dancing with the Stars judges.McSpankyMarcia Cross of Desperate Housewives and Eric Dane.Did I miss anything?

‘Father Oprah’ says “Church is about Forgiveness”

Like something out of a modern-day telenovela, a dashing Cuban-American priest gets caught smooching his girlfriend on a Florida beach. After a circus media-frenzy, he decides to leave the Catholic Church to be with his lover.Meet Rev. Alberto Cutie, a celebrity among Hispanic Catholics for his good looks, media savvy and advices about relationships. He dominated headlines for the scandal he got himself into after a Spanish-language magazine published photos of the celebrity priest and his girlfriend.I couldn’t find a photo of him on Creative Commons to embed here but I could show his pictures through this search.Cutie pronounced as COO-tee-AYE has been dubbed as the “Father Oprah” of the Spanish-speaking community for his “frank messages on faith and relationships”[1]. Sure, he is good-looking and human who is straight and who fell with a woman way above the legal age, a beautiful 35-year-old. But as they say, it is not an excuse to break religious laws.The scandal peaked when he ann…

Erap for 2010? WTF?

I agree that Erap can aspire and just end there. Gervacio outlined the events that had happened during Erap’s regime or should I say nightmares. In this post, he reminded us that Erap allegedly “spent long hours drinking with shady characters as well as midnight drinking sessions with some of his cabinet members during meetings.” He also noted that Chavit alleged that he had personally given Estrada the sum of 400 million pesos ($8,255,933) as payoff from illegal gambling profits.[1] The man who had ridden huge popularity as a film underdog hero, sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to forfeit a mansion and more than P731 million, plus interest.[2]Move on yes... forget no. Sana... pero it seems that the country quickly forgets what Erap did to destroy this country. (I don't want to hear anyone include any other president into the discussion). Erap was someone who never deserved to be president, yet our uneducated masses wanted to vote for their movie idol. And sadly this cou…

Home | Short Film on Youtube for World Environment Day 09

In 1972, the UN designated one day in the year to stimulate “worldwide awareness of the environment and [enhance] political attention and action.” Yesterday, a film was released on Youtube to do just that.A beautiful short film featuring amazing aerial shots from different countries around the world. Banawe Rice Terraces was even featured when they talked about Agriculture. This one hour beauty is sure to capture your hearts in making you reconsider every action you make that may affect the environment you live in. Narrated by Glenn Close, this film tells “the story of Earth’s worldwide ecosystem, how humans have affected it, and how environmental problems are all interconnected.” [1]Experience it here.

CPDRC Inmates wow again with Jai Ho

The inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention Center (CPDRC), are wowing internet denizens with another dance performance, to the tune of Academy Award-winning hit, “Jai Ho.” Garcia said he decided to use Rahman’s version in the hopes that “it won’t be deleted.”In the past, the inmates’ video for a performance of Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” was muted by YouTube administrators, following complaint from Warner Music Group, which owns the publishing right to the said song.[1]They were made famous by a video of them dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” that was shown on YouTube in 2007 and it listed them among Time Magazine’s 10 Most Watchable Internet Videos.[1]

Twitter is currently down.

I don’t get irritated when this happens because of the artworks they show instead of the error message. And this time it’s not the fail whale. But there is one thing I am angry on and it involves me not receiving updates on my phone because I live outside US. AHHH! It’s not cool. I can’t chill.

2010 Elections: Open Forum| ANC Leadership Forum

Gathering five presidentiables, in national TV event organized by ANC channel, namely Gilberto Teodoro and Chiz Escudero, Mar Roxas, Ed Panlilio, and Richard Gordon. Judges drew questions and gave the participants two minutes to answer each. Interesting questions asked were: Will you form a coalition with Manny Pacquiao’s political party? Will you support the investigation of the Arroyo family for corruption allegation? What is Pres. Arroyo’s positive contribution? Who do you admire living or dead?Open Forum_Manny Pacquiao Political Party.wma 471k Gilbert Teodoro says that nobody will stop to something when there is due process as long as there is verifiable truth. Listen to Secretary Gibo’s stand on the allegations against Pres. Gloria. Open Forum - Gilberto Teodoro 267k Open Forum - Will you support allegation.wma 160k Open Forum - Who do you admire.wma 629k This is the part where Chiz Escudero tells the world how disrespectful he can be and so does Ed Panlilio, who by the way, us…

2010 Elections | Presidentiable Interviews of Mar Roxas and Ed Panlilio | ANC Leadership Forum

Listen to the interview of Mar Roxas. Clip 10 mins.When asked if he has a great understanding of what is happening with the world today, Senator Mar Roxas claims that our problems are “internal in nature. Kahit anong pera gagastusin natin sa budget nitong taon nito one trillion, kahit anong pagsisikap wala pa rin tayo nakakakita ng pagbabago.” I was like, “what’s wrong with you? how much does it take? External debt fell by $1.3B and the Philippines has a low macro-economic risk and self-rated poverty rate is 7 points down!” That’s why Tina Palma clarified that, “ang problema ay internal? walang kinalaman ang problema ng mundo?” He quickly utters na “nagmamagnify” lang daw.What crazy about him is when he made a remark about his stand on some senators getting involved in their own scandals like Villar and the C5 extension and Lacson and the Dacer-Corbito murder case. He says, “Akala ko itong 10 minuto na ‘to tungkol sa’kin.” So Tina reprimanded that, “Tungkol sayo to. Sa paninindigan mo…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Richard Gordon | ANC Leadership Forum

Listen to the full interview here. Clip: 10 mins.Senator Richard Gordon and head of Philippine National Red Cross talks about why he wants to be the president when “a lot of money is spent and once you get there people criticize you.” But for some reason he replies about the Philippines having low savings and that he mentions about us trying everything from Martial law to Democracy and “ang values natin nakakalimutan.” What’s noteworthy is how he elaborates the forgotten values angle by adding, “si Lapu-lapu ginawang isda, si Rizal ginawang babaero.” The whole point was to create an image, “para tayo gagalangin.” When asked further by Ricky Carandang about he’s gonna appeal to young voters as Chiz Escudero does since apparently 60% are under 30, he jokingly exclaims “I’m the youth of old age.” But adds on a serious manner that “Experience is not a substitute for education and the greatest error of the youth is to believe that education is a substitute for experience.” And as if someth…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Gilberto Teodoro | ANC Leadership Forum

Gilberto Teodoro Presidentiable Interview Countdown to 2010 by jaysee In the Interview, he answers Ricky Carandang’s questions as mild as “Secretary, you’re a very thoughtful person and you don’t give in to drama, you don’t sound like a politician, why are you running as a president?” to which he replies that he has been lured by the administration coalition, league of mayors and governors and the provincial board members. Not bad for a recommendation.But what struck me most is his willingness to face judgement by affiliation to stand on what he thinks is right rather than trash the government and win sympathy from the mass as what Chiz Escudero is doing. He was asked about how the recent US elections relates to him as there is the parallelism that whatever John McCain does, he is always linked to the unpopular former Pres. George Bush and him being linked to Pres. Arroyo. “Are you afraid of being John McCain?”He replies, “No. Dito ako naninindigan, dito ako naninilbihan. Hindi nama…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Chiz Escudero | ANC Leadership Forum

Listen to the interview. Clip: 10 minutesSure he may draw himself a lot of crowd because he is gunning for the presidential position via youth sector. And in the clip he blabs about how his being young is his weakness when Tina asked him what his strength was. He also whines about the pork barrel he received and threatened Gloria impeachment but still accepted the pork barrel to plaster his name on the road lighting projects in his district, under his congressional term. He also whimpers about him not being born rich. Duh! Wait ‘till you hear him disgrace our president at the open forum. Dividing the country in these hard times is not really that appealing to me but as long as a lot of young voters who still thinks that this so-called ‘politically eloquent’ who plans to raise yet another people power or any army to overthrow the government I suggest that he cooperate with the Abu-sayyaf instead rather than brainwashing a lot of people especially the youth (like what YSpeak does most o…

2010 Elections: ANC Leadership Forum | Overview

Late evening of May 31, ABS-CBN aired ANC’s Leadership Forum gathering national personalities who gave intentions of running a high public office come 2010. And as they say, first impressions are the best ones we could make and attesting from how they answered I have concluded that:I will support Gilberto Teodoro and trash out Chiz Escudero for being unprofessional, disrespectful of his remarks and is definitely a leftist and that’s bad enough for me.Also in the forum were Mar Roxas, Ed Panlilio, and Richard Gordon. It was too bad that Ping Lacson was not grilled as he called in sick. Legarda, de Castro, Bayani Fernando, and Villar declined. Great anchors, Tina Monzon-Palma and Ricky Carandang top billed the forum held at Ateneo de Manila University.The first part of the television event were the individual 10 minute interviews of the five honorable guests followed by the open forum where they all answered 3 questions subsequently to explain their take on the nation’s most pressing is…