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Survivor Tocantins pulls curtains down

imageSurvivor Tocantins just ended with a great finale and as always stands at the peak of the best unscripted television shows. The lesson we’ve learned is that no matter what happens good guys always get the sympathy vote much like the recently-concluded American Idol Season 8. For the second time in show’s history, as Jeff Probst shares, the sole survivor gets all the jury votes bringing home the respect and the million dollars that goes with it. I, myself, look up to JT even more when he chose his long-time alliance-friend, Stephen, to be with him to the finals as promised given the 50-50 chances of swooning the jury over since Stephen is “eloquent.”

As it turns out, he made a great choice of not bringing Sierra with him which would actually give him more chances of winning since Sierra is unpopular for some reasons. With all this in mind, JT is a hero. A hero who’s just been trashed by his friend when he knew that Stephen won’t choose him and be with Sierra instead; and a hero who just brought back a big turkey for his family and friends at home.

This all happens because Cinderella gets to slap her evil sisters her new address at the palace to their face by being the beaten up hero.

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