Realities of Life

Reasonable kidnapping

What would you do if you hear your neighbors’ baby crying for hours knowing that his mom went out to score some drugs?

You can call police or you could take him and leave him at your very successful lawyer-boss with a note that says, “Find him a good home.”

A guest star of Justice Season 1 Ep. 12 titled “Christmas Party”, aired May 16, did the latter and you couldn’t blame her for doing what she thought was right.  That is why her boss didn’t turn her to the police and instead became a conspirator to the kidnapping while the rest of the team is enjoying the annual holiday party. They were able to invite the mother in and convince her to a mediation that she take the time to go to rehab then regain custody thereafter.

This is an episode that questions the different perceptions that society defines as “good”.

We are our brother’s keeper

How far would you go to save your brother’s life? Would you give up the rest of your life just so he could have his’?

Poetic as it is but hours after Justice, Supernatural aired a rerun of a special episode titled “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2.

Our hero, Sam Winchester met with the devil to sell his soul to resurrect his brother, who was killed right in front of him. He was given one more year to live and after that his soul shall perish in hell. What’s amazing about it is that their late father also gave up his soul for young Sam.

It gave me a heads up of what it takes to be family, especially in these times where we just want to get rid of each other.

Saving man’s best friend

I, for one, am a dog lover. I lost my favorite dog after his 7 years or so of service and companionship but now we have 2 new dogs that fill the void and have not done a bad job at looking after our security and sanity.

But up to this time of writing, I still could never decipher why a lot of people take pleasure in seeing animals get involve in such carnage known as “dog fighting” or any fighting for that matter.

GMA 7 Philippines did a story on violence against dogs involving men who beat them to death to be cooked as a beer side dish not too long ago. I was lucky enough to NOT have seen it.

Right after Supernatural was CSI:Las Vegas Season 8 Ep. 10 titled “Lying Down with Dogs” and I could never praise them enough to producing another great episode but this time they were able to stage a realistic scenes of underground dog fighting. I trust that no animal was harmed during the filming.

Anyway, episode was plot-wise and compelling since ironically the illegal recreation was spearheaded by a humanitarian.

The questions to ask here are:

  1. How do you sleep at night if you operate a gruesome business involving dogs killing each other and receive an award for your charitable efforts the next day?
  2. What do you do if your boss feeds puppies or cats to fighting dogs right before your eyes?
  3. After knowing what your wife does for fun, would you just pretend like nothing happened and let other people do harm on her or shall we say do you believe “violence begets violence” ?

If you think a person’s sins could be enough to justify her murder then we would all be fighting all over again if death penalty is really worth it.


Shows well-written like these make you ask yourself, in what lengths will you go to do what you think is right? Should you be putting what others think is right when someone else is in danger, or should you trust your instincts and act on it immediately?


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