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Kris Allen wins, face it

Kris Allen (with a K), won American Idol Season 8 last night came no surprise to me but it certainly did to a lot of voters who thought Adam could overthrow him. Sure he might have stage presence but Kris could captivate a lot of listeners and fans including yours truly. Maybe he won because America doesn’t need another Kiss just yet or Katy Perry didn’t help much either. I was rooting for Allen and David Gokey ever since. But his not so open marriage to long-time girlfriend, Katy, have also played a part for hormonal teenagers to keep voting him I suppose. But all he could say:

“I can’t believe this? Is this true? It feels good but Adam deserves this!”

I can’t guarantee if he is really that humble in really life though it seems he actually is. It is just true that what Kara said: “You are the most likeable.”

"I had written you out of the competition, but that has changed after that performance [Allen’s soulful rendition of Heartless]," Cowell boasted afterward.

From a forgettable audition, he rose to become the 8th champion the show has to hail thus far. Allen was asked back then by the judges if he was the best singer.

"You know, there's probably people who are better than me,"

Dan Abramson, of the HuffingtonPost says that AI is rewarding mediocrity. He says, “If I invited Kris Allen to a dinner party, he'd show up and ask if he can chip in instead of bringing a casserole. Kris Allen brings nothing to the table.” Really?

Elitestv ran a story of its disappointment and reader David McLeod, nods to them saying:

The voting scheme is set up all wrong. Everyone should be allowed one vote per household. That would eliminate the injustice that we see on this type of show. I agree with Wayne Eastman. Kris didn't belong in the finale. Just goes to show you that a teenager with a cell phone is a dangerous thing.

But one comment struck me most online from Barb of :

Wait just a minute all you people. Teenage girls were not the only one's voting for Kris Allen. I am in my 40's and I voted for him. I also know of a lot of people in 20's and 30's that voted for him. So get over it and quit whining. And if you can't see his talent then you don't know music. Not everyone likes screeching. CONGRATULATIONS KRIS.

America did their job of voting and they did well by letting Kris win.

Anyway, I was so engrossed by the show that I could say it has gotta be the biggest television event of the year and as Seacrest puts it, “the hottest ticket in town.” But the most unforgettable moment wasn’t the results at all but to me are the awarding of Golden Idols specifically Kara DioGuardi’s showdown with Bikini Girl. Who do you think have a better bikini body?

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