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What you may not about Gloria

Election fever has been competing with the H1N1 Pandemic but people still deserves to know what their president did before they jump in joy of her departure.

A lot of people are still infuriated at our President Gloria Arroyo despite the fact that she had performed extremely well at her job. Bad publicity? Perhaps. But I’d like to think of it as lack of reportage of everything good her administration has brought us especially now that the whole world is in recession and pre-mature election campaigning is on the rise.

I am doing this post because I realized that I was consumed by hate just like the rest of us that I was too blinded to see that her positive actions were just so close to me. I was one of the thousands who enjoyed a TESDA scholarship financial assistance, a road leading to our home was built, and that my minimum wage earning relatives either found a blue-collar job abroad or have saved so much since they weren’t asked to pay taxes anymore.


She had faced one of her toughest weeks.

She had been tagged as the embattled leader of the Philippines.

It is sad to think that forgiveness is only achieved by a handful of people in this world. She, however, has not even received credit for where it’s due. Sure it all started with the Garci tape but for some unknown reason she falls victim of destructive political hatred that people could never get over. It is not like she stole millions of tax money as Marcos and Estrada did.

And this issue being debated on the Cabinet about how the Charter Change will benefit her since she would stay in power. On top of that, she has to deal with poverty, terrorism, communist and Islamic insurgencies and corruption in the bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, she definitely functioned well and I know how it feels to do everything even if nobody would seem to appreciate it because of a shortcoming long time ago. With that in mind, I always remember what a great woman once said:

“The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway… You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway.”

- Mother Theresa -

Moving Forward

Moving forward, she promises 10 million jobs by 2010. So far she has generated six million. And now eyes another three million.

I think she is more powerful than Forbes Magazine thought she is. After a lot of coup attempts and numerous impeachment cases she won, no better leader could stand for us especially in these hard times.

Gloria said:

“We’d like to think that even the opposition are committed to the public good and like us that they want to find common ground to move the nation forward.

”We are confident that politicians…want to continue with the gains and not stop the progress.”

She issued that statement as two amended impeachment complains were lodged against her at the House of Representatives involving National Broadband Network and the one involving Former Chairman Benjamin Abalos Jr. 1

Joese Ma. Montelibano, a columnist said:

“In a larger sense, Gloria is not the first president against whom a rebellion was mounted. At the rate we are going, she will not be last as well.

“There is a long way to go when two thirds of mankind is poor, the subliminal being that poverty is caused by greed and corruption more than by a shortage of natural and manufactured resources.” 2

Her feats

After a little googling, I was able to dig through comprehensive records of bills, programs, initiatives she had done for the country and 90% of which wasn’t even known to me.

1M jobs in just 5 months

Some of our own people even appreciates her.

Arroyo basks in praise from US Business

World leaders praise Arroyo in Hong Kong

Gloria at Mahalo

Arroyo cites economic gains


I was shocked since I never imagined how brainwashed I was by the media who repetitively report more on the people who are rallying on the streets for Gloria’s ouster and less to what they are actually doing within the walls of Malacanang. My father even emailed me one viral email circulating some time now showcasing the world’s biggest geographic holes and the last one listed was Malacanang, “a rat hole that consumes billions of pesos.”

I don’t accuse media of sensationalism but a simple segment detailing what good has the government do today won’t harm people who are psychologically bombarded with news about killings, war, negative politics, crime and accidents. We watch news early in the morning before we start our day, and another one when we have lunch and another one before we go to sleep and we’re exhausted.


We had a strong peso but people are bitching about itand again. If they don’t call it “useless” they are saying it is “eroding many families' income.” What the?

If we don’t do well then we blame her for the economy. When people think it’s great, they credit OFWs.

Nobody or maybe a few like me knew that under PGMA, we had 27 quarters of uninterrupted growth, six million new jobs, strong peso, biggest tax collection and best stock market in generation.

“Through it all the President demonstrated to the nation and the world that she is undeterred by destructive politics, remaining resolutely focused on the economy, investment and jobs.”

And speaking of economy, let me the one to say this but even if it will make her unpopular, PGMA increased value-added tax. The same reason why Philippines isn’t laying off thousands of workers everyday like they do in the States. We have not been hit harshly by global recession since VAT funded government social services and infrastructure. If paying a few more cents every meal we buy would save thousands of Filipinos then why be a bitch about it? In addition, she also had this Comprehensive Livelihood Employment Program which seeks to find jobs for the recently laid off.

“For the second straight day, the president who is here to attend the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly, basked in praise from the US Business and political leaders for the ‘excellent job’ that she was doing of running the economy.

“Daley 3 said the Philippines was now experiencing the highest average economic growth, greatest job creation and lowest inflation.

“He says to Mrs. Arroyo, “this happened under your leadership and I think one of the greatest challenges is to focus perception to catch up with that reality.””4

1 Lira Dalangin-Fernandez, INQUIRER, November 05, 2007
2 Joese Ma. Montelibano, INQUIRER, December 07, 2007
3 Mathew Daley, president of US-ASEAN Business Council
4 Christine Avendano, INQUIRER, September 29, 2007

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