What happened to your Pleasantview characters?

Pleasantview1 is of course the main neighborhood of The Sims 2 following the storyline of The Sims 25 years after.

How did I play it?

The Brokes


Brandi gave birth to Ethan.


Dirk started to build his own Toy Shop.


Beau grew to become A+ kid.


Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer had a secret affair.

The Pleasants


Daniel got engaged to money counterfeiting and purchased half of all community lots.


One business of which is the Pleasantville Zoo.


Lilith adopted a dog named Cleo.


And now are best friends with her twin sister, Angela.


Daniel fired their French Maid and ended his affair to save his marriage with Mary Sue.

The Calientes



Nina adopted two children both named Ashlee, a baby and a toddler.


Nina got married to Don and he moved in and now she’s bearing their child.



Dina, Nina’s sis, got married to Mortimer and now owns the biggest mansion on Pleasantville.


But Dina gets involved in one of the most dangerous affairs of her life. She is secretly involved with her sister’s hubby.

The Goths


Cassandra broke up with Don (Don married Nina on the rebounds).


She marries Darren (Darren is cheating by the way).


Dirk moves in the Goth mansion and now is best friends with his sis in law.

1The first pre-made neighborhood is called Pleasantview, which contains families in the original The Sims game. It features some Sims from the original game but much older. Many of the families' stories focuses on sims cheating on their lovers. The Goth family are mourning Bella Goth after she has disappeared, and her now grown daughter, Cassandra, has a mismatched love life. Don Lothario is described as a romancer. He is engaged to Cassandra Goth but has 3 other lovers. Brandi Broke, the child of Bob and Betty Newbie, is an adult, living in a trailer & raising her children after her husband Skip's death. The Pleasant family, now featuring a grown Daniel, are in conflict. Daniel is having an affair with the maid and twins Angela and Lilith do not get along. Darren Dreamer, an artist, is in love with Cassandra Goth. Dina Caliente and her sister Nina are in love with Mortimer Goth and Don Lothario, respectively. Dina is a golddigger who wants Mortimer's money and Nina wants pleasure out of her relationships.

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How did you play it?


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