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Amazing Sink

Image had this really great sink design that I wanted. It is shaped like a shell and you could just see the water from the faucet rolling down to its center. If I had this in our kitchen I would have spent a whole lot more time washing my hands or better yet volunteer to wash the dishes which rarely ever happens.


While surfing through the net I came across this great simple site which showcased a lot of different animals interacting with their natural habitat. The photos where taken in an HDR like effect all flushed in to a monochrome effect to magnify the emotions that these animals convey from a soaring bird to the snob lion, you will see nature at its finest.

View the best wildlife photo gallery

So You Wanna Work in Movies

I just recently stumbled upon a great page on the web regarding how it is to work in the movies. Everyone of us dreams of breaking into the Tinsletown. Glamour, fame, talent and recognition makes this part of the industry worth dying for.

I want to write and become a screenwriter for television or duh, the movies. I even downloaded a very special open-source program for screenwriting, the CeltX. Get it here,

The following passage comes from Oliver Stapleton BSC of

"So you have to ask yourself the question: Am I Any Good at Anything?

I'm totally useless at everything.

This is not necessarily a problem as plenty of people working in the industry are totally useless. Some of them are Executives working in the Studios. If you don\'t know what this means, go to the part on Studio Executives, although it may not be very helpful, as I've never quite worked out what they do.